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Japan and the United States Lead the List of Most Technologically Advanced Countries of 2014

October 13
4:38 AM 2014

Technology has played a huge factor in society today. Wherever you go, there are always sign of an advancing technology. A highly technological development shows a country’s power and status on a global scope.

Technology is one of the greatest weapons that any country can have. It gives them the power to create or destroy. Over the years, it has made life simple for man. Technological advancements translate to political and economic stability. Here now are the Top 10 most technologically advanced countries in the world.

10. Israel

The most developed sector in Israel is Science and Technology. Majority of its population work in technical private institution and companies and has ranked fourth in the world scientific activity based on scientific publication per million citizens. Scientists in Israel has greater contribution to advanced agriculture, computer sciences, electronics, solar energy and other fields of engineering.

9. Philippines

By digesting inputs from other countries, the Philippines has made itself one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Although not much is known about the real state of its technology, sources reveal that it has one of the best machinery and weapon equipment. It has kept its technology movements concealed as it has been focused on its national security.

8. Canada

Canada introduced to the world wireless interact machines and chipless credit and debit cards. Most Canadians employed in the United States are working on technology and scientific areas such as the AVRO Arrow Project as well as in NASA. Their expertise in the scientific and technological field has made them one of the best technologically advanced countries in the world.

7. United Kingdom

England is one of the best and largest producer of scientific papers in the world. Some of the best and greatest scientists in the world hails from this country. However while they are the best in the world in the scientific field, they still have a low technological consumption.

6. China

China is slowly becoming a technology superpower. They are known for being the inventors of the gunpowder and compass, one of the most basic and important requirements for science and technology. Majority of the mobile phone companies and other gaming and device companies have their headquarters based in China.

5. Germany
Germany is where the plants of most luxury car manufacturing companies are based. Their education system and scientific equipment are one of the best in the world. Germany has always been a center for manufacturing due to their highly advanced equipment.

4. South Korea
From the most advanced phones and tablets to robots, trains, computers, and other electronic gadgets, South Korea has one of the most advanced technologies in these fields. They are considered to have the world’s fastest wi-fi. They likewise have the most influential technological knowledge than any other country.

3. India
India has grown by leaps and bounds when it comes to technology. They have made huge strides in the field of software development. They have been educated in the field of inventions and creations in the local market as well as in global economy.

2. United States

The United States has made its mark as a technological power by re-defining space and military advancements. They are home to some of the best technology companies such as Intel, Google, and Dell. Their military and defense system is one if not the best in the world.

1. Japan
Japan is the most technologically advanced country in the world. Most of the most technologically advanced and coolest gadgets hail from this country. Japan has recently invented the Dimensional Elevator, which can transport customers to one floor to another of a mall without them knowing and how.

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