Amazon, Twitter, Instagram Bank on Their Logos for Success: What Makes them Standout

By Staff Writer

Jul 29, 2014 03:24 PM EDT

There is power in a great logo. Whether they are plain and simple or colorful and exuberant, the logo's capability to bring a company extensive brand recognition and distinction is undeniable. They aim to get the trust, respect and energy in the forefront of consumers' thoughts.

Let's take a look at some of the exceptional logos according to Business Insider and Crash Starter.

1. Amazon - It is a classic. It has a solid black font that appears traditional, yet you will notice how the artist intelligently placed an arrow pointing from A to Z in the word "amazon." That crafty little addition sends a message to the consumers that the stock availability of items in Amazon range from A to Z. In other words, they are complete; they have everything.

2 . Twitter - It has a bird logo. The more observant people would have noticed a small but "striking" improvement in the bird logo. Twitter sophisticatedly upgraded the logo by having the bird look upward. Subtly, it gave a more positive and successful vibe.

3. Target - The simple yet impactful logo hits you right at the spot. A target! Also, it is dominantly, completely red which bolsters excitement, trust and and vitality.

4. Instagram - The general vibe of the camera logo is classic or vintage. It is attractive. Plus, it adheres to a genre that enhances Instagram's correlation to filters.

5. Cisco - With its solid colors and solid font, the logo has a very stable and distinctive feel. The design is fashioned after a digital signal that forms the shape of the Golden Gate bridge, which gives consumers a clue to where the company was founded.

6. Costco Wholesale - It uses dominant colors like blue and red that specifically emit a characteristic that emits vigor, vitality and energy. It is simple and easily readable from making brand awareness easier for all consumers.

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