Facebook to pull Messenger from mobile app

By VCPOST Staff Reporter

Apr 10, 2014 08:57 AM EDT

Facebook wants to boost the user base of its standalone Messenger app worldwide. To do this, the social network giant plans to remove the chat feature from the main mobile app, with the message button functioning as a gateway to the Messenger app, according to CNET.

A spokesperson from Facebook said: "With this change Chat heads won't be part of the Facebook iOS app. Chat heads aren't going anywhere on Android, in fact people who download Messenger on Android gain chat heads because they were not a feature in the core Android app."

Meanwhile, iOS users can use a blue banner to revert to the main Facebook app. Android users, however, will need to open the Messenger to use its features. For now, Facebook members can still message their friends within the main app using the Chat heads, the report detailed.

Facebook started sending out notifications to selected users in Europe about the change that will be implemented in two weeks. The company said the messaging feature will be disabled and users will have to download the Messenger app. The social network giant also said this change will be rolled out worldwide, CNET reported.

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