US-based fitness tracker maker FitBit faces class-action lawsuit over rash issue

By VCPOST Staff Reporter

Mar 20, 2014 02:55 PM EDT

A FitBit customer has filed a class-action lawsuit over the rash issue caused by the company's latest fitness band called Force. The suit is asking the firm for refunds and complete information on the cause of the skin irritation, according to USA Today.

However, TechCrunch cited a FitBit spokesperson addressing the very issues the lawsuit is focusing on: "Based on our initial review of the lawsuit, the complaint asks for a recall of Force and a refund to consumers. Fitbit took initiative long before this complaint was filed, publicly offered refunds, and worked closely with the CPSC on its voluntary recall program. We strongly disagree with the statements about the product and the Company."

The suit was filed by 49-year-old Jim Spivey, who has not experienced any skin rash related to wearing the FitBit Force. Still, he feels the company misled its customers when they promoted the said wristband, the report explained.

FitBit issued a recall for the said product in February after finding out that 1.7% of the Force users developed skin allergy. In addition, the San Francisco-based firm has stopped selling the item and promised to give full refunds to those affected, USA Today reported.

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