Netflix-Fitbit hack auto-pauses movie when watcher falls asleep

By VCPOST Staff Reporter

Feb 28, 2014 05:29 PM EST

A group of Netflix engineers participated in an internal hack day contest and discovered a Fitbit hack that pauses a video when the watcher falls asleep, according to VentureBeat.

The said group chose a Fitbit activity monitoring device as the object of their interest on the hack day. They used the gadget to determine if a person has passed out while watching a video or show via Netflix. The hack then pauses the movie and allows the watcher to resume what he was watching the moment he wakes up, the report detailed.

The hack is particularly useful for people who have the habit of watching TV at night to induce sleep, the report noted.

In addition to the Fitbit hack, the Netflix engineers also tweaked with the Apple's iBeacon. They hacked the Bluetooth enabled gadget to send or "bump" videos to other devices. This is somewhat similar to the feature that the Bump, an app that allows instant sharing of business cards, has, VentureBeat reported.

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