Amazon to rename European streaming video service LoveFilm as Prime Instant Video

By VCPOST Staff Reporter

Feb 21, 2014 07:49 PM EST

Europe-based streaming video service LoveFilm will be given a new name in the UK and Germany. According to owner Amazon, the service will be renamed as Prime Instant Video, wrote VentureBeat.

The rebranding will kick off on February 26, the report added.

The move is geared towards streamlining the video service with its local counterpart. Amazon, however, does not have a standalone Prime Instant Video offering in the US. Still, the firm will offer a package similar to that in the US which provides an access to the streaming video service for Prime members in Europe, the report detailed.

There are two interesting things worth noting about the renaming of LoveFilm. First, Amazon wants to gain traction over its competitors using its own name. Second, the rebranding could support the rumors about Amazon releasing a set-top device this March, the report said.

LoveFilm is a service that allows its subscribers to gain unlimited access to a catalog of movies and TV shows for a given monthly rate. The company also lets customers rent DVDs via mail. LoveFilm is a rival of Netflix, which has already tapped into several European markets in 2013.

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