Susan Bennett reveals she is Siri after clamor on Verge

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Oct 05, 2013 05:12 AM EDT

Susan Bennett from Atlanta revealed she was the voice of Siri after a video was released showing people's interest on finding out who the American Siri was. Citing a CNN report, news website said Bennett decided to break her silence after watching the clamor on Verge. Bennett told CNN she had to weigh her decision very carefully since she wasn't certain if she wanted the notoriety that came with it. She also didn't know what the legal implications would be.

"And then this Verge video came out ... And it seemed like everyone was clamoring to find out who the real voice behind Siri is, and so I thought, well, you know, what the heck? This is the time," Bennett said.

Siri was introduced on the iPhone 4S and was also used in the iPhone 5 and iPad. The release of the iPhone 4S gave Apple huge earnings in the quarter that ended December 31, 2011. According to CNET News, the sales of iPhone 4S helped propel Apple's revenues to USD 46.33 billion in that quarter. In the same period in 2010 before the sales of the iPhone 4S were taken into account, Apple only registered revenues of USD 26.74 billion.

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