Microsoft's Bing gets a facelift on logo,homepage

By Rizza Sta. Ana

Sep 17, 2013 10:33 AM EDT

Following Yahoo Inc's new design logo this month, Microsoft's search engine Bing on Monday showed that its logo and homepage features underwent a facelift.

Bing's new logo features a more slimmer and straighforward font in yellow, with an accompanying 3-dimensional triangle design placed on the left.

Another one of Bing's new features is a new search function called Page Zero. In a company blog post late Monday, Microsoft's general manager of user experiences at Bing Lawrence Ripsher explained what the function does. "For example, if you type Katy Perry, we understand what you're looking for before you've even searched and give you a quick glance of who she is and suggest other popular search tasks associated with the singer," Ripsher said. 

Other feature upgrades were the Pole Position, wherein it integrates detailed information like weather conditions of certain cities and a modification to Snapshots to "provide people with all the supporting context they'll need for any given query," Ripsher wrote in the blog.

According to tech news site CNet, the move to overhaul the cosmetic design and featurs of Bing was probably in hopes to close its market share gap with Google's Chrome. Market researcher ComScore indicated that in August of this year, Microsoft only accounted 17.9%  while Google clocked 67% of US searches. 

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