Arias trial highlight social media and taxpayer issues

By Marc Castro

Aug 27, 2013 02:37 PM EDT

In a decision that has social media implications, the judge presiding over the case of Jodi Arias had postponed the date for the sentencing of convicted killer. Jodi Arias was recently convicted of killing ex-boyfriend Travuin Arizona. This postponment comes after a defense request for the twitter names of the jurors deciding the case.

The purpose of such request was to be able to monitor the juror's interactions with others through the soclal media site. This comes after the incident wherein a backup juror sending messages directly to other jurors that may influence the decision during the original trial.

This is but one of the many challenges that the judicial system faces with the expansive nature of social media during trials. Not only is this one reason to be able to get out of jury duty, but also it raises issues about the privacy of jurors.

Another issue raised in this trial is the burden of paying for the defense of Jodi Arias. As of this date, the legal defense bill for the convicted murderer has reached USD1.4 million. She is defended by court appointed attorneys charging a rate of USD250 per hour after she was unable to pay for her own defense. 

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