NCAA gains 11% from growing investment portfolio

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Aug 27, 2013 12:19 PM EDT

The investment portfolio of the National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA increased for the year ending June 30. Its quasi-endowment grew 11%, posting a gain of USD 304.5 million, while its operating reserve was valued at USD 222.5 million after a gain of 8.8%. With these gains, NCAA is now valued at USD 527 million.

The governing body of college sports had mainly relied on its contracts with Time Warner's Turner Broadcasting System and CBS worth USD 10.8 billion to air and market the rights of its men's basketball tournament. The contracts comprise 84% of its yearly revenues amounting to USD 841 million.

NCAA established the quasi-endowment to diversify and lessen its reliance on its television agreements. The quasi-endowment has been also utilized by the governing body to invest its funds. It also created a separate operating reserve which would take care of paying schools and creditors in case revenue would fall unexpectedly.

For three years ending in June 30 last year, NCAA posted a 10.8% annual return in the quasi-endowment. Its operating reserve, meanwhile, posted an annual return of 10% in that same time period.

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