Samsung to spark smartwatch rivalry

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Aug 17, 2013 03:14 AM EDT

The competition between Apple and Samsung would go beyond devices like smartphones and tablets to smart wristwatches. Next month, Samsung would start marketing its watch called Galaxy Gear.

The Galaxy Gear would be launched in Berlin. The device was expected to connect with a smartphone wirelessly so that the user could go online. Also, it was reported to have the capability to access emails, make calls and surf the internet. Samsung asserts that the Galaxy Gear could beat the long rumored iWatch of Apple.

Analysts said the need for smartwatch was not felt yet. However, consumers may feel differently once the tech titans release their latest innovation. Last year, Apple spent USD1 billion on advertising, whereas Samsung spent USD4 billion. Analysts noted if both corporations were willing to put their full weight behind the new gadgets, the devices could be expected to succeed and create a new market.

Canalys, a research firm, expected that over 500,000 smartwatches will  be shipped in 2013. This would be followed by another 5 million units next year as Samsung, Apple, Google and other tech firms release their own models.

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