Samsung faces USD108 million lawsuit in Brazil over labor violations

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Aug 14, 2013 10:12 AM EDT

Reporter Brasil, a labor rights organization, said today that Samsung Electronics Corp. is currently facing a lawsuit from the Brazilian government. The government was seeking for damages over poor labor conditions at the assembly lines of Samsung. 

In an online report, the labor rights organization said that the labor ministry of Brazil discovered "serious" labor violations. Samsung's violations include over 15 hours of work each day and the lack of work breaks at its factory in Manaus. The organization stated the lawsuit demanded USD108 million in damages. Reporter Brasil also added that prosecutors had said that over 2,000 employees suffered from health problems last year due to working conditions. 

"Once we receive the complaint in question, we will conduct a thorough review and fully cooperate with the Brazilian authorities. We take great care to provide a workplace environment that assures the highest industry standards of health, safety, and welfare for our employees across the world," Samsung said in a statement.

Two years earlier, Samsung was prosecuted on labor charges in Brazil for poor working conditions. The South Korean company paid a settlement of around USD200,000.

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