Vince McMahon Text Scandal: Woman Accusing WWE Boss of Sex Trafficking Sent Explicit Messages

By John Lopez

May 14, 2024 03:47 PM EDT

Former WWE boss Vince McMahon is now facing allegations of sexual misconduct after a staffer went forward. Recently, it has been made public that the woman suing him for sex trafficking and abuse reportedly sent him explicit messages, court documents reveal.

Accuser Allegedly Sent Vince McMahon Explicit Messages

Janel Grant, a former WWE employee, accused McMahon of coercing her into sexual acts with him and other executives, including allegations of threesomes and degrading treatment. 

Citing recent court filings, the New York Post reports that Grant allegedly sent McMahon obscene text messages expressing desires for "rough sex" and other sexual activities. McMahon's lawyers claim that Grant also sent sexually explicit images of herself to McMahon.

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McMahon Responds

In response to the lawsuit, McMahon labeled the allegations  "meritless" and "the height of hypocrisy," asserting that the relationship was consensual, Wresting Inc. reports.

McMahon's legal team argued that Grant did not disclose the messages and images she sent, focusing only on what McMahon sent her. 

The court filing further alleges that Grant was in love with McMahon, wanted a relationship even after signing a nondisclosure agreement, and sought to continue living in the same building as him.

Grant, who worked at WWE between June 2019 and March 2022, allegedly asked McMahon for financial gifts, including clothes, money for plastic surgery, and other items. 

McMahon's response to the lawsuit stressed that he deleted the text messages when he ended the relationship with Grant, indicating a lack of evidence from his side.

Furthermore, McMahon filed a motion to take the dispute to arbitration, arguing that the matter should be settled privately due to the nondisclosure agreement. He was willing to cooperate, believing the matter would be resolved through arbitration rather than court.

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