US, Japan Vow New Collaboration to Push for Next Generation Nuclear Power

By Madz Dizon

Apr 11, 2024 12:26 AM EDT

US, Japan Vow New Collaboration to Push for Next Generation Nuclear Power
President Joe Biden shakes hands with Japanese Prime Minster Fumio Kishida during a ceremony welcoming him to the White House for a state visit, Washington, DC, April 10, 2024. Prime Minister Kishida will address a joint of session of Congress the following day.
(Photo : ALLISON BAILEY/Middle East Images/AFP via Getty Images)

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio is currently on an official state visit to the United States, emphasizing the significance of the Japan-US alliance in Asia.

Kishida's visit to the US is significant as it is the first state visit by a Japanese leader in nine years.

Biden-Kishida Meeting

According to Reuters, the United States and Japan announced a collaborative effort aimed at expediting the progress and execution of nuclear fusion technology. 

The partnership will prioritize the scientific and technical hurdles associated with achieving commercial fusion and enhance collaboration among American and Japanese universities, national laboratories, and private companies, according to the US Department of Energy. 

For decades, scientists, governments, and companies have been tirelessly working towards the goal of harnessing fusion, the incredible nuclear reaction that fuels the sun, to generate electricity that is completely free of carbon emissions.

This process can be replicated on Earth through the application of heat and pressure, utilizing lasers or magnets to fuse two light atoms together, resulting in the formation of a denser atom and the subsequent release of significant amounts of energy.

In contrast to fission-based plants, commercial fusion plants, should they be constructed, would generate minimal amounts of long-lasting radioactive waste.

According to sources, the two countries will also express their commitment to promoting sustainable aviation fuel in a statement released during the summit.

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US-Japan Military Agreements

Moreover, the US and Japan have unveiled a series of new military agreements, to address the growing concerns posed by a certain neighboring country. 

Tokyo and Washington have reached an impressive 70 agreements on defense cooperation during the Japanese Prime Minister's state visit to the White House.

Biden and Kishida have unveiled a new chapter of military collaboration amidst the grandeur and ceremonial atmosphere of a White House state visit, with the goal of addressing China's influence.

In a recent announcement, the US president highlighted the importance of collaboration between the two nations' forces. He emphasized the establishment of a joint command structure and the joint effort with Australia to develop an advanced air missile defence network.

The decision seems to be focused on enhancing the agility of US and Japanese forces in case of a potential crisis, like a hypothetical invasion of Taiwan by China.

Biden emphasized that the action was purely defensive and not intended to target any specific nation or pose a threat to the region.

Kishida informed the press that the two leaders had engaged in a discussion regarding the strained relations between Taiwan and China.

They also expressed their commitment to maintaining the international order, which is founded on the principles of the rule of law.

The leaders also unveiled agreements for cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence, and discussed the state of the economy, The Guardian reported.

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