Children's Book Author Faces New Charges After Trying to Poison Husband With Sandwich Before Killing Him for Insurance

By Madz Dizon

Mar 28, 2024 07:42 PM EDT

Children's Book Author Faces New Charges After Trying to Poison Husband With Sandwich Before Killing Him for Insurance
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A woman who authored a children's book on grief is accused of attempting to harm her husband by serving him a poisoned sandwich on Valentine's Day, followed by administering drugs that ultimately resulted in his death.

According to court documents filed on Monday, Kouri Richins, 33, is accused of feeding Eric, 39, with a sandwich that was allegedly poisoned. Weeks later, Eric tragically passed away from a fentanyl overdose.

Kouri Richin's Case

Eric disclosed to his friend, expressing his suspicion that his wife may have attempted to poison him, according to USA Today. This suspicion arose after he took a single bite of a sandwich that Kouri Richins bought from a diner and left in his car, accompanied by a note, on February 14, 2022.

According to Summit County prosecutors, Eric experienced an allergic reaction and lost consciousness after eating the food.

The husband sent a message to his wife, expressing his concern about his health and considering a visit to the hospital. According to the new charging documents, Kouri Richins reportedly responded by suggesting that he should take a nap.

The documents state that Eric Richins informed Witness 1 about his near-death experience, referring to his friend. Witness 1 noticed an obvious feeling of fear in Eric Richins' voice, indicating his state of distress.

The husband, a realtor with no known food allergies, informed his friend that he resorted to using his son's EpiPen and consuming a bottle of Benadryl to endure the unexpected reaction. 

One month later, the children's book author made a distressing call to 911, informing them that she discovered Eric "cold to the touch" next to their bed. Eric was declared dead with a fentanyl dosage in his system that was five times the lethal amount.

In May, Kouri Richins was arrested and faced charges of first-degree aggravated murder in connection with her husband's death. Additionally, she was charged with three counts of possession of a controlled substance. 

According to prosecutors, Kouri Richins was accused of adding fentanyl to the Moscow mule cocktail she prepared for Eric. It has been alleged that the author got four life insurance policies in her husband's name, according to their claims.

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Book Author Killed Husband for Insurance

According to sources, the couple had been engaged in a heated dispute regarding their luxurious mansion worth millions of dollars.

In June, Kouri Richins filed a civil lawsuit against her late husband's estate, aiming to claim fifty percent of the property's equity, which is estimated to be worth $1.9 million or potentially more. 

Prior to his demise, Kouri Richins independently published a touching illustrated children's book titled 'Are You With Me?'. The book beautifully depicts a father with angel wings who lovingly watches over his son. The focus was on providing support for their sons in dealing with Eric's passing.

Kouri Richins is now facing an additional charge of attempted murder in connection with the incident that occurred on Valentine's Day. She has been in custody since last year and is being detained without bail, EOnline reported. 

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