Yahoo wins startup acquisition race versus Google

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Jul 29, 2013 09:12 AM EDT

Tech titans Yahoo and Google have been acquiring startups in the past few weeks. Yahoo, which many analysts now consider as a 'serial acquirer', was headed by Marissa Mayer in buying these up and coming technologies.

Google managed to acquire several startups with only a small percentage of its total finances. The company's "10 Q" filing to the Security and Exchange Commission suggested that the search engine titan only spend over US$1 billion in buyouts during this year's first half. Almost 90% of that amount was spent on a single acquisition - Waze.

Besides the travel app's acquisition, Google made 15 other small buyouts including new firms such as Wavii, Channel Intelligence, DNNresearch, and Makani Power. Channel Intelligence was the most expensive among these group of startups, costing Google over US$100 million for their eCommerce business.

Yahoo, on the other hand, topped Google's 15 acquisitions with their 18 purchases. According to analysts, Yahoo will not be stopping anytime soon. The company is set to purchase more startups due to Mayer's aggressive mergers and acquisition campaign.

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