DRINKWATR, The Premier Water Bevtech Brand, is Now Flowing in Miami International Airport.

By David Thompson

Oct 03, 2023 04:50 PM EDT

Jamie Trusheim (Jamie Trusheim ) (Credit: Getty Image)

MIAMI, FL - Travelers navigating through Miami International Airport (MIA) can now replenish themselves with bevtech leader, DRINKWATRTM. Launching over Labor Day Weekend, the revolutionary water bevtech brand began its new direction in select areas within MIA, setting a pivotal milestone in its global ambition to increase the quality standard of everyday drinking water.

Anthony Bold, the forward-thinking entrepreneur and CEO of WATRTM and its esteemed sub-brand, DRINKWATRTM, unveiled this retail expansion as the newest stride in a series of strategic plans focusing on expanding accessibility to the premium electrolyte-rich drinking water at critical health points. "Travel can take a toll on your health, so our focus is to ensure that customers have access to our products in these moments. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, we are intent on supporting them to go strong into the experiences they invested in." expressed Mr. Bold.

DRINKWATR's arrival at Miami International Airport is a natural progression following its remarkable performance in 2023, wherein the brand enjoyed substantial growth, particularly within high-end market segments-niches typically governed by well-established mainstream legacy brands. This newfound success in premium sectors, including luxury, high-quality hospitality, and elite athletic clubs, is bolstering DRINKWATR's standing as an emerging competitor.

By embracing innovative technology and forward-thinking approaches, Anthony Bold has steered DRINKWATRTM toward pioneering the "bevtech" sector. The brand's dedication to reaching a global audience, maintaining high-quality standards, and unwavering consumer commitment, are fueling its rising positive reputation and market value.

Bold remarked, "Our core aim is to elevate the global standard for daily drinking water. We are initiating this with a premium bottled offering that truly caters to our customers' needs. From bottle design, to water quality. Here, granting access to our products when they are needed most, in terms of maintaining good health, is essential. Airports are a critical touchpoint for this, due to the heavy foot traffic, individual stress, and a variety of other factors. We are committed to empowering, inspiring, and encouraging people amid their pursuit in living their highest quality life."

The roll out is planned in multiple stages. The first phase rolled out over Labor Day Weekend, with DRINKWATRTM being available in select locations. The subsequent phase, starting next year, will introduce a specialized digital platform to direct consumers to the nearest DRINKWATRTM retail opportunity within the airport.


Created by Anthony Bold, DRINKWATRTM is pioneering the bevtech industry as a notable subsidiary of WATRTM. The brand is passionately advancing the quality of daily drinking water on a global scale. Marked by innovation, design prowess, agility, and a relentless focus on customer needs, DRINKWATRTM is on a relentless journey of evolution. For additional information, please visit: www.drinkwatr.com.

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