Mobi: Empowering Consumer Product Companies with Real-time Sales Data

By David Thompson

May 22, 2023 02:18 PM EDT

Mobi: Empowering Consumer Product Companies with Real-time Sales Data(Mobi: Empowering Consumer Product Companies with Real-time Sales Data) (Credit: Getty Image)

In a world where consumer product companies grapple with the need for real-time sales data, Mobi emerges as a game-changer. Mobi by MFMsoft isn't your traditional data aggregator or analytic software. Instead, it's a powerful AI-driven software designed to enable all product and brand owners to capture in real-time their product sales data from their customers' systems.

Mobi's journey began in January 2021, when MFMsoft collaborated with Reyes Coca-Cola Bottling on an ambitious mission to create a seamless software solution that could capture product data without disrupting the customer's digital environment. While testing the product, MFMsoft stumbled upon a delightful surprise as they meticulously built the software's capabilities. The surprise? The software could also allow companies like Reyes to control their product presence on their customers' online menus, a benefit they hadn't initially envisioned. This discovery underscored the boundless potential of Mobi, revealing that users could find multiple ways to leverage the system beyond the creators' original intent.

Today, Mobi's AI-driven software is a testament to technological prowess and innovative thinking. It's a tool that is neither a data aggregator nor an analytic software, but an AI-powered marvel that can link a Consumer Product Company (CPC) directly with their customers' systems, enabling them to capture product sales data in real time. This is a groundbreaking departure from the days when API connections were the only digital solution available, a method often fraught with issues and limitations.

Mobi: Empowering Consumer Product Companies with Real-time Sales Data
(Photo : Mobi: Empowering Consumer Product Companies with Real-time Sales Data)

API connections had a significant drawback: they couldn't make a connection specific to a company's SKUs. In other words, a CPC couldn't use an API to connect to a customer's systems in order to see its own products. Instead, they would see all sales data for all products, a situation most customers found unacceptable. With API connections off the table, companies had to rely on delayed manual data from a small percentage of their customers. But the advent of Mobi changed everything. For the first time, CPCs could directly tap into their customers' systems and capture real-time sales data without waiting for reports or dealing with incomplete data. From major retailers to convenience stores, and restaurants to hotels, Mobi provided unprecedented access to sales data across the board.

Moreover, Mobi's AI-driven capabilities extended to the realm of online menus. If a CPC connected to a system with an online menu, Mobi AI detects that there is an online menu functionality on the customer system and automatically injects the company's products and images into that menu. And if the online menu already had the company product, it replaced it with the authorized images. The software ensured that only authorized, trademark-approved images were used, replacing incorrect or unauthorized images and enhancing the company's online presence.

Six months post-launch, Mobi has been thoroughly tested and proven its value. Therefore, as of May 2023, MFMsoft is ready to license Mobi worldwide. This includes all consumer product companies and product or brand owners. Beverage Digest, a respected authority in the beverage industry known for its comprehensive coverage of the global non-alcoholic beverage sector, highlighted Mobi's unparalleled value for all beverage companies in a detailed analysis.

The future objective is straightforward: every product or brand owner should license the Mobi software and harness the power of AI to capture their product sales data in real-time from their customer systems. Mobi's mission is to make sure that every product and brand owner has full control over their product data and presence within their customers systems. And given that Mobi works seamlessly in any language and country, MFMsoft is optimistic about quick adoption across the globe. With Mobi, the future of real-time product sales data capture looks promising.

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