David Tomassoni (Salvaje): How the Hospitality Industry has Rebounded in the Post-Pandemic World

By David Thompson

May 15, 2023 04:58 PM EDT

David Tomassoni (Salvaje): How the Hospitality Industry has Rebounded in the Post-Pandemic World(David Tomassoni (Salvaje): How the Hospitality Industry has Rebounded in the Post-Pandemic World) (Credit: Getty Image)

After a tumultuous period due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the US restaurant industry has reportedly made a strong comeback. According to a recent report by Forbes, the industry has rebounded, businesses have adapted to new safety protocols and changing consumer preferences and are now experiencing a surge in demand. This recovery is a much-needed boost for the industry, which was hit hard by lockdowns, restrictions on indoor dining, and supply chain disruptions during the pandemic.

Thus, many opportunities have arisen where once a scenario of crisis was expected to linger.

Davide Tomassoni is one of the entrepreneurs driving change in this industry with his company Salvaje, which is emerging as an international leader in the hospitality and restaurant industry. Salvaje has 25 locations worldwide and a plan to grow to 63 restaurants by the end of 2026. It has about 1,900 employees and a turnover of $180M.

"Salvaje is a complex reality, the result of a long journey, a lot of work and experience. To sum up, I could mention three points: great food, attention to detail and customer needs, and above all a first-rate team, where everyone is key", explains Tomassoni.

Salvaje has always chosen prime locations in vibrant metropolises full of energy, of dynamism such as Dubai, Bali, Miami, Madrid, Paris, London, New York, Vegas.

"There is something special in Salvaje of which, as an Italian, I am proud: Milan is in our pipe line, demonstrating how much the Lombard metropolis has grown and come to the attention of the world. Salvaje was created by my friend and partner Alessandro Cavallera, who is also Italian. I think we Italians have good food in our blood, quality dining is in our DNA," adds the entrepreneur.

As a successful business mind, Tomassoni has valuable insights on what it takes to succeed in today's rapidly changing world. When asked about advice for entrepreneurs looking to make an impact, Tomassoni emphasizes three main tips. Firstly, he highlights the importance of preparation. Entrepreneurs who want to succeed must ensure they learn everything they can about their chosen field and prepare thoroughly for meetings to make the most of every opportunity. Secondly, Tomassoni stresses the importance of networking. Meeting new people can open up endless possibilities and can lead to new and exciting opportunities that one may have never thought of before. Lastly, Tomassoni states that time is the most valuable asset of all and it cannot be wasted. "Entrepreneurs must make every second count and avoid any distractions that may take away from their goals," he comments.

In today's landscape, it is increasingly important for leading voices in the business world to provide their expertise to other areas, such as social work. As such, Tomassoni is involved in social projects driving powerful transformations across the globe. One such project is the Mentes del Futuro (Minds of the Future) foundation, which works with fully public donations that are directly responsible for funding the costs for schools, books and tutors in underprivileged communities.

"This is a very important project in my life, which helps me to reflect and not to lose focus. Sometimes life leads us to overestimate things that are not important; two accidents happened to me, one in a private plane and one in a car, where some people had their lives, both in the same year. From there I began to put things in perspective and especially to value time," says Tomassoni.

Currently, the foundation is looking to establish partnerships with American universities to broaden their reach and expand the number of people aided by Mentes del Futuro in different regions of the globe.

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