Maurice Bachelor: The Tech Genius Who Rose to Prominence as a Leading Software Entrepreneur

By David Thompson

Mar 03, 2023 04:31 PM EST

Maurice Bachelor(Maurice Bachelor) (Credit: Getty Image)

Maurice Bachelor is the founder and CEO of Bot-It, one of the fastest-growing automation companies in the world. His rise as an innovator in tech has been filled with challenges, but through hard work and determination, he has beaten the odds and achieved a track record worthy of recognition. As an African American software entrepreneur in tech, he is determined to share his story with the world and inspire others to pursue their passions, despite the obstacles they may face.

Maurice's career in the tech industry began in 2013 when he founded and ran his first company, SnapBatch. This innovative app was designed for sports teams to engage with fans during live events and quickly caught the attention of Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, who provided funding for the company. Over the next few years, SnapBatch was sold to various professional sports teams and helped establish Maurice as a tech entrepreneur.

After the success of SnapBatch, Maurice continued to make waves in the industry by becoming an early engineer for CREXi, a fast-growing commercial real estate tech company in Los Angeles. He was a core part of the business and helped lay the foundation for the company's future success. Maurice's next venture was with Flo-Technology, where he helped build an IoT device that monitored home water usage and prevented small leaks. Fortune Brands Home & Security Corporation eventually acquired this company in 2020.

In August 2018, Maurice became the head of the mobile division for LegalZoom, a well-known brand that helps people with the legal process of starting a business. He oversaw a team of engineers, designers, and other leaders and helped to build a mobile-first experience for LegalZoom, which went public in August 2021. Maurice's expertise in technology is diverse and extensive, and he is proficient in 9 software languages, including Java, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Swift, Objective-C, Kotlin, and SQL.

Maurice's passion for coding and building software is what encourages him to keep developing life-changing apps and software, even in the darkest moments. He realized that he was born for this and that he could overcome anything, no matter how challenging the circumstances.

Maurice and Bot-It is an inspiring example of what's achievable through self-belief and hard work, having risen to the top of his field as a highly successful software developer and entrepreneur. In the future, he wants to continue to share his story in a few years on podcasts, conferences, and other outlets, spreading the message that success is achievable even when the odds are stacked against you.

Maurice Bachelor's remarkable journey to success as a software entrepreneur is a testament to his unwavering determination and remarkable resilience. His inspiring message and story serve as a powerful example to all those seeking to achieve their goals, regardless of the challenges they may face. As a result, Maruice's achievements have captured the attention of investors worldwide who recognize the tremendous potential of his visionary approach and the vast opportunities for his innovative software solutions like Bot-It.

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