A Review of Gulf Coast Western and Its Oil and Gas Empire

By Ernest Hamilton

Oct 16, 2020 08:56 AM EDT

A Review of Gulf Coast Western and Its Oil and Gas Empire(A Review of Gulf Coast Western and Its Oil and Gas Empire) (Credit: Getty Image)

With the emergence of alternative energy sources throughout the world, the oil and gas industry has faced several challenges. Over the past few decades, most oil and gas companies, like Gulf Coast Western, have been forced to rethink their functions and organizational models due to factors such as technological advancements, economic trends and tides, and shortages of resources. Since companies, especially in the oil and gas industry, want to ensure that they continuously grow, they have to find solutions to the challenges facing the industry when it comes to energy consumption.

Although issues such as cost-effectiveness of daily operations, efficiency, and technical problems have been a major blow to most oil and gas extraction companies, companies such as Gulf Coast Western have experienced tremendous growth and success. Most of this company's success has been attributed to outstanding leadership by the company's CEO, Matthew Fleeger.

What Does Gulf Coast Western Do?

Gulf Coast Western LLC is a reputable company with impeccable reviews that deals with oil and gas extraction and production. The Dallas-based company uses avant-garde techniques to obtain oil and gas from the Gulf Coast region. The Dallas-based company has its extraction processes spread throughout Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Mississippi. With this large operation area, the company uses various networks and partnerships to acquire oil and gas effectively from reserves in those states.

History of Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western was founded in 1970 by Matthew Fleeger's father. Back then, the company focused on developing and acquiring domestic oil and gas reserves in resource-rich areas. The company started as a small business that grew oil reserves in Louisiana and Texas. Through partnerships and forged relationships with investors, the company blossomed and expanded its territories.

Over the years, the company's involvement in Joint Ventures grew. It expanded its operations and activities, in addition to the acquisition of thousands of acres of productive regions throughout the United States. Other than Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships, the oil company secured the success that it enjoys today by channeling resources to significant oil and gas properties. Gulf Coast Western mainly used stringent selection criteria to invest in and acquire properties with high growth potential.

Gulf Coast Western CEO Matthew Fleeger

Matthew Fleeger serves as the president, chief executive officer (CEO), and director of Gulf Coast Western LLC. Fleeger is an influential figure in the oil and gas industry and the tanning and waste management industry. He has helped the Dallas Energy Company achieve great success and remain transparent with its operations and partnerships. 

Matthew Fleeger graduated from Southern Methodist University. By the time he graduated, his father had started the company. Since Fleeger wanted to learn how to run businesses, he pursued a bachelor's degree in business but focused on finance and marketing. The skills that he learned later proved to be handy when he started his career. From 1986 to 1993, the young graduate worked for various Texas-based companies, including the one owned by his father.

The skills he learned would later help him start and run his own company in 1993 called MedSolutions Inc. The company specialized in the treatment, disposal, and transportation of medical waste from various health care facilities. His business management skills helped MedSolutions Inc. grow into one of the leading health care waste management companies in less than a half decade and a half. In 2007, Fleeger negotiated the sale of MedSolutions Inc. to Stericycle for about $59 million. This negotiation was enough proof that he had the skills to start and run a successful business. 

After selling his company, Matthew Fleeger returned to his father's company and became the president and CEO. Fleeger's unique experience with general partnerships, acquisition, and corporate structuring made him the most suitable person for the leadership position at Gulf Coast Western. Under his leadership, the company has seen progressive growth and increased mergers that have been geared toward ensuring that the company thrives into the future.

Other than MedSolutions, Fleeger played a critical role in the founding of Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan tanning companies. The companies have grown to become some of the largest indoor and spray tanning operators in the country.


Since 1970, Gulf Coast Western has continuously broadened its corporate horizons by working with different partners that support the company's goals. The company's partnerships with Orbit Energy Inc. and Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration LLC are some of the leading causes of the vast expansion of its operations base and territories. Recent partnerships include:

The Partnership With Children's Charity

Gulf Coast Western is an organization that cannot be compared with other oil and gas companies when it comes to charity. According to reviews, the Dallas-based company has always focused on building strong relationships with its customers and supporters. Gulf Coast Western partnered with the Sadie Keller Foundation to empower children and families that are fighting cancer. The Sadie Keller Foundation is an organization concerned with the rate at which children, especially those affected by cancer,miss holidays while in the hospital.

Due to these concerns, the foundation gives cancer-stricken kids toys to support, show love, and genuinely care for them. The foundation is famous for lobbying for increased research and spending on pediatric cancer. It aims to create awareness about childhood cancer and how this disease affects kids' everyday lives.

The founder of the Sadie Keller Foundation, Sadie Keller, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of seven. She is the inspiration behind the foundation's philanthropic mission. The now 12 year old missed her second and third grades because of her chemotherapy treatments. As such, the group is mainly concerned with children's welfare because the founder knows what they go through during such hard times. The foundation has helped and encouraged several families that have been affected by the pandemic. 

The relationship between Gulf Coast Western and the Sadie Keller Foundation is a special one, and it's based on the friendship between Fleeger and Keller. According to Keller, the group collects toys from various organizations and well-wishers and then gives them to kids over the Christmas holidays.

Mathew Fleeger and the company wished to help families that were affected by cancer. He donated $25,000 to buy toys for children who were suffering from the disease. After the donations were made, Gulf Coast Western's employees made trips to stores to buy the Sadie Keller Foundation's toys. When Keller visited the company's office to pick up the donations, she was astounded by the number of gifts that the company had donated.

The contribution helped the Sadie Keller Foundation grow from giving toys to children in one hospital to serving cancer-stricken children in 11 hospitals throughout the United States. Although the oil company donates to various charities and organizations every year, it was moved by Keller's mission to help kids who don't get to enjoy their holidays like other children.


Gulf Coast Western has made several acquisitions over the past few decades. These acquisitions have fueled the tremendous reviews and growth that the company continues to enjoy. Some of the assets that have been acquired by the company include:

Northcote Energy Ltd

In 2016, Gulf Coast Western LLC purchased 50 percent of working interest of Northcote Energy Ltd. The acquisition expanded and accelerated Northcote's drilling operations. As part of the deal, Gulf Coast Western acquired a 50 percent working interest of the Lutcher Moore well and other saltwater disposal assets. The purchase also included a 50 percent working interest in four wells drilled in Cockfield and Oligocene Frio formations and 25 percent working interest in all wells drilled at the Wilcox formation.

Orbit Energy Partners LLC

Gulf Coast Western, through its subsidiary Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration LLC, announced the purchase of all assets of Orbit Energy Partners LLC in January 2016. The purchase included proprietary rights to 100 square miles of 3D seismic data in Lafayette, Louisiana. Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration had taken over the production activity of Orbit Energy Partners LLC in October 2015. 

Gulf Coast Western Reviews

Businesses throughout the world satisfy their customers in different ways, depending on the industry. Some methods used to ensure customer satisfaction include transparent business practices, cost control and management, and unparalleled customer experience. For the oil and gas industry, the desire to listen and act swiftly in response to customer concerns has proven to be one of the best ways to satisfy customers.

For Gulf Coast Western, its customers' needs are the number one priority. With a focus on reducing risks for partners and investors, the oil company has attributed its outstanding customer experience to its customer-first approach, ongoing transparency, and long-term relationships. These three factors are the most significant contributors to the company's five-star rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is an accomplishment that is rarely achieved in the oil and gas industry.

The rating indicates the extensive ongoing commitment and hard work that Gulf Coast Western has put into ensuring that its customers are satisfied. The company listens to customer feedback. If there are issues that need to be addressed, the strong team, led by the CEO, is quick to swing into action to find amicable solutions to issues affecting customers.

Under Fleeger's leadership, the Dallas-based company has been built on transparency, values, and integrity, which has led to strong reviews from clients. The president seems to be aware of the different ways to maintain customer service standards, unlike most oil and gas companies. His education, experience, and forward-facing role allow him to continue stressing the importance of running a transparent business, whether it's through financial decisions, engineering operations, or risk management.

By critically examining the different aspects of customer satisfaction, Fleeger instills trust in customers and partners. In turn, this creates a family-like environment that makes everyone feel certain that their issues will always be addressed whenever they occur. Gulf Coast Western continuously communicates with its partners to help them stay aware of developments, changes, and advancements. Continued communication also helps the company inform and educate its team about short-term company goals and various methods that the oil and gas company can implement to ensure continued customer satisfaction.

Research and Exploration

Although Gulf Coast Western focuses its research and exploration on the Gulf Coast area, especially the parts that are rich in oil and gas, it is always looking to expand to other areas of the United States. Due to continued research, the company utilizes one of the most efficient oil and gas extraction methods. Some of the innovative techniques that Gulf Coast western uses include: 

Horizontal Drilling 

Horizontal drilling is a technology that is used to drill oil and gas at an angle. This technique helps the company obtain information and stimulate reservoirs, which can't be achieved by horizontal drilling. Moreover, horizontal drilling increases the contact between the wellbore and the pool.

Experts drill the wells vertically until the oil reservoir is reached, after which the well turns in an angle. The angle is increased until the well becomes completely horizontal and parallel to the pool. The well is then drilled until it reaches the company's desired length.

Gulf Coast Western prefers horizontal drilling over vertical drilling because, after a review of the technology, it became clear that horizontal drilling causes less harm to the environment. Moreover, horizontal drilling produces a more considerable amount of gas compared to vertical drilling. The oil company has been using this technique for many years because of the benefits that come with it. With horizontal drilling, exploration companies can also work around geographical features that would have otherwise been impossible to access using vertical drilling.

The technology uses dry ice instead of water to clean drill bits and other drilling equipment. This alternative ensures that less water is used during the process. Moreover, Gulf Coast Western constructs its site to minimize the extraction process' ecological impact on the surrounding areas.

Seismic Surveys

A seismic survey is a geophysical survey used to investigate underground structure concerning mineral, petroleum, and natural gas. The survey is based on the concept of elasticity because it uses elasticity to deduce the elastic properties of various materials. This survey is done by measuring the responses of disturbances that are caused by seismic waves.

The three forms of seismic surveys commonly used in exploration include reflection, refraction, and surface wave survey. In a reflection survey, reflected waves from a material of different elastic properties are used to investigate structures. The reflection method has been in use since the early 1980s, although it's generally used for shallow geotechnical projects.

The refracted survey method uses refracted waves to deduce the direction and distance of layered-earth material. The method depends on the idea that seismic waves have different velocities when subjected to different soil types or rocks. Additionally, analysis of refracted wavelet velocity, geophone geometrics, and arrival time can estimate the approximate depth of strata boundaries, general type of soil, uppermost bedrock surface, and water table.

A seismic surface wave survey is an effective way to estimate wave velocities in near-surface sites, especially in urban areas. They are known as surface waves since their amplitude has a negative relationship with depth, which means that amplitude decreases as depth increases. The results of seismic surveys and analyses are usually presented as cross-sectional drawings and even charts or maps. These drawings and charts/maps are commonly known as seismic profiles.

What Makes Gulf Coast Western a Reputable Company?

Over the years, Gulf Coast Western has earned its reputation from its customers and business partners. Some of the factors that have led to the growth of the company's reputation include:

Innovative Approach

Over the past years, the oil and gas industry has been struggling with evolving regulations, uncertainty reducing demand, and natural calamities. These factors have forced many companies to adapt to modern strategies that can help them sustain profits. Although many companies resort to cutting production costs, innovative approaches have proven effective in communication and process management. All of these help oil and gas companies increase both efficiency and profits. 

Matthew Fleeger has taken essential steps to ensure that Gulf Coast Western remains efficient, regardless of the challenges that the market is facing. The oil and gas company uses innovative approaches such as seismic surveys and horizontal drilling to ensure efficiency. Studies and reviews show that the mixing of technology (horizontal drilling and seismic surveys) has proven to be cost effective and efficient compared to conventional oil and gas exploration approaches.


A Review of Gulf Coast Western and Its Oil and Gas Empire

Being a jack-of-all-trades doesn't make you the best or successful if you can't work with a team. Teamwork helps workers understand their strengths and weaknesses and promotes healthy competition within a company. Moreover, when employees and other stakeholders work together, they form stronger working relationships. Since Gulf Coast Western is a Joint Venture, it has to work as a team to be successful. Teamwork ensures productivity and efficiency, since people are assigned duties based on their expertise. Matthew Fleeger is always on the front line of helping the company work as a team and find solutions to various problems.

Use of Modern Technology

Increased advancements in technological innovation have led to environmental protection, increased productivity, and more safety. The oil and gas industry is sensitive and needs regular maintenance and monitoring to prevent fires, accidents, or leakages that can cause environmental pollution. Therefore, a lot of care is required during the exploration and production of oil and gas products.

Gulf Coast Western uses state-of-the-art equipment in the exploration of oil and gas throughout the United States. Fleeger and his team are committed to employing the latest technologies to ensure that they always provide customers with high-quality oil and gas. The company uses seismic approaches to produce vast amounts of gas and oil while reducing harm to its workers and the environment.

Gulf Coast Western reviews demonstrate just how outstanding this organization is and the lengths that it's willing to go to to change the oil and gas industry. The company is always researching to find better ways to explore natural gas and oil and incorporate talented workers into the team.

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