Russia Expresses Support To Afghanistan In All Sectors

By Czarina Ara Lasco

Nov 05, 2016 05:27 AM EDT

The two leaders have also discussed the bilateral cooperation between Kabul and Moscow.

While praising Moscow's efforts in maintaining harmony and constancy in Afghanistan, CEO Abdullah Abdullah held that the Shanghai Cooperation Organization performs a very important role in keeping peace and stability in the region and keeping the battle against violence and terrorism, as well.

As to the relations between Kabul and Moscow, Abdullah confirmed that the affairs between the two countries

Regarding the relations between Kabul and Moscow, Abdullah said over the past 15 years, the relations between the two nations have basically enhanced.

He even furthered that despite coping with the battle against terrorism, Afghanistan has seen developments and improvements in its different sectors.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Medvedev said that Moscow's stand towards Afghanistan has remained the same as he wished that the joint economic collaboration between the two countries improves.

Medvedev also furthered that Moscow has vowed to continue its support the Afghanistan in all of its sectors including humanitarian aid as well as the grant of more scholarships and training to the armed forces of Afghanistan.

Giving emphasis in the enhanced relations between Kabul and Moscow, Abdullah declared that Moscow has reinforced Afghanistan in its fight against the Al Qaeda and violence before the Taliban administration has fallen.

Abdullah Abdullah is an Afghan politician, serving as Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan since September 2014. From October 2001 to April 2005, he served as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Prior to that, he was a senior member of the Northern Alliance working as an adviser to Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Abdullah ran against President Hamid Karzai in the Afghan presidential election, 2009, coming in second place with 30.5% of the total votes. In 2010, he created the Coalition for Change and Hope (now the National Coalition of Afghanistan), which is one of the leading democratic opposition movements in Afghanistan.

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