Stock prices of Google will keep on rising

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Jul 25, 2013 07:29 AM EDT

Google's stock price kept on rising but the question of investors is, until when?

On July 18, Google presented weak results wherein its operating income declined by roughly 4% to US$3.12 billion. Its stock price fell as much as 4%. However, the negative momentum that was brought about by weak earnings call already disappeared. This suggested that Google is currently far from the danger zone unlike other tech giants.

Google's consolidated earnings came out at US$14.11 billion. This signified 19% year-over-year upsurge. Furthermore, its core profits excluding Motorola, rose 20% since 2012.

Google's current problem would be the average cost per click's downfall while the mobile traffic grows. Consequently, it owns tools and choices that would control the problem. Through mobile monetization, Google expected to minimize the cost difference between the clicks made from mobile devices and clicks from personal computers.

Google designed the new AdWords project wherein advertisers who utilized Google would be required to purchase tablet ads instead of buying cellphone ads. This move, would aid in limiting the decline in the total cost per clicks for the company. It would further denote that Google is heavily armed with ways that would allow its stock prices to keep on climbing.

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