Latest Update on 'Pokemon Go': Of New Regions & Nest Migrations

By Claire Ann Austria

Oct 13, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Niantic has made and applied a lot of change and improvements for "Pokemon Go". More so, nest spawns could eventually become collateral damage. This is with reference to key changes to the spawn points which could be moved frequently with the game's debut in new regions as a probable cause.

Nest locations in "Pokemon Go" are expected to be relocated and pose problems for gamers who have already plotted key locations. This is seen as something that can eventually affect Pokemon evolutions which players may likely frown at.

There is no prominent word yet on whether this will actually be the case, as well as the frequency of the migration if true. Silph Road tackled the issue over at Reddit and mentioned that it could be a bi-weekly update once more regions enter the fray.

On whether the nest migrations will happen on "Pokemon Go" or not, some players have taken the initiative with a project named "Nest Atlas". This includes crowdsourcing spawn locations globally in an effort to figure out the spawn patterns where the pocket monsters could possibly appear.

Assuming that all this is what Niantic has lined up for "Pokemon Go", players will have to do more exploring and walking than usual. No longer will it be a set point to visit but more on roaming freely to see where the new spawn points will be at.

While all of it may seem stressful, "Pokemon Go" players may want to treat it as an enhancement and avoid the recurring gameplay that could turn gamers off.

On the other note, PokeExplore has commences its first day of campaign to petition Niantic to set up more Pokestops particularly, in rural areas. As of press time, PokeExplore was able to issue almost 600 Twitter posts by more than a hundred volunteers. Most of the tweets came from the United States and from Android devices. The tweets were also able to collect more than 100,000 Impressions. PokeExplore organizers hope to convince more Pokemon Go volunteers to join the cause. So far, Niantic has yet to acknowledge the petition.

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