Merkel Announced to Prioritize Africa in G20 Presidency

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Oct 12, 2016 09:02 AM EDT

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, on her trip to Ethiopia, stressed out that she would make Africa, the priority for Germany's G20 presidency and she said that she had outlined strategic plans for a conference to be held in Berlin.

She is on her last day of her three-day trip which covered stops in Niger and Mali. The German leader is seeking opportunities on investment which she looks forward to help the economy's growth and mold migration in the future to Europe.

When Merkel faced the people of Ethiopia she told them to open up its politics and the police were reminded not to use their fists and iron hand against the protesters. After almost a year of unrest that rights groups say has ended to about 500 deaths. She said she didn't want another bloody rally of protesters.

In addition Merkel on her speech to the African Union, said that Africa would host a high-profile conference in middle of 2017.

"We want to strengthen private investment to create sustainable growth and jobs," Merkel said. She further added it was significant to widen infrastructure on the continent and professional training must be improved.

In the conference, the delegates were consists of industry representatives and international institutions. Merkel urged the firms to engage and make ties in Africa.

The leader of Germany said that there were already companies in Germany who actively committed themselves as investors in Africa. But according to her, there could be more and sometimes other nations offered deals for infrastructural projects that were linked to other packages.

"There are already many German companies active in Africa but there could be more," she said, adding that sometimes other countries offered deals for infrastructure projects that were linked to financial packages.

If German firms wanted to be victorious and triumphant over the business, Germany would have to change. In some other nations the state and its economy were more closely tied.

Firms in China have become active in some African countries in the previous years. It offers enticing financing deals.

The German chancellor has described Africa with its population of 1.2 billion people as central to the migration issue and wants the EU to agree a migrant deal with North African countries.

In her speech to the African Union, she then concluded, "I am expressly in favor of the African Union bringing its influence to bear to help solve the conflict. Adding Libya had become a "sad example" of the consequences of state structures.

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