An In-Depth Look To the New Limited Edition Batman Arkham VR

October 6
8:01 AM 2016

Another game is ready to excite the video game world. It is Batman: Arkham VR with main story mode only lasts for about one hour.The journey and campaign begins at Crime Alley to the Batcave,

Rocksteady once again lavishes the world it creates with rich references and detail. You don't do a lot of moving around in Batman: Arkham VR, but there's such an incredible sense of scale, whether a vertigo-inducing view from the roof of police HQ or gazing up from a claustrophobic backstreet, Gotham like never before. This is Rocksteady working to the strengths of VR and dwarfing you in its gothic, steaming city.

There are major villains and other iconic characters, gadgets and computers to use, switches to pull, Wayne family photos to peruse, and secrets to uncover. Rocksteady know The World's Greatest Detective inside out, and it throws decades of history even before the black cowl. The story may only take an hour, but there's every reason to return, and that's not just because a familiar foe pops up at the end with a whole bunch of challenges and excitement.

Arkham VR focuses on detective work and story with simple interaction. Batarangs can be throwns but it's only really used on one occasion in a combat capacity but a whole lot more looking using a scanner to help with an autopsy will be done, find fingerprints and uncover other hidden clues.

Arkham VR is likewise about observation and its puzzles are inventive even if the methods and results seem simple. Gamers get to watch, rewind and examine a brutal fight, scan grisly corpses, and cause an enemy serious pain up close and personal. PS VR's visuals are not great for distance and Rocksteady seems to know this, so its villains are in-your-face so expect to get a sniff of fetid breath. Without this, it may hangs back, with atmospheric foley sound effects and taunts from the shadows.

Batman: Arkham VR is indeed another thrill and excitement generator. 

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