Google Home Speaker: Product Release,Specs and More

By kleyraustria

Oct 06, 2016 06:08 AM EDT

Google sets another milestone in itself as a company as it releases Google Home Speaker. Google Home, a Wi-Fi speaker, the company aims to have its new digital helper Google Assistant with you everywhere, not just on your phone.

Google's answer to the Amazon Echo, a surprise hit that revealed a hunger for voice-controlled computers with virtual assistants living inside. Echo wise, Google Home is designed to allow users to control music streaming, connected appliances and also some basic information like calendar appointments and surprisingly, also the weather.

To be familiar more of this all new Google Home Speaker, read on and be informed.

Home works with YouTube Music, one of Google's music subscription services. It will also work with third-party services including Spotify, Pandora, But Google has added an extra bit of smarts to music control. A general query to help Google identify what is being talking about. For example, a voice prompt, "Play that Shakira song from 'Zootopia'" will be understood by this new thing from Google.

For the audio quality, reports says that Google Home sounds better than any other device in the category.

Google Home uses Knowledge Graph, which is designed to give direct answer to anything. If Google does not have the answer, Google will read snippets from trusted sources like Wikipedia. Home can also remember most recent query for follow-up questions.

Home integrates with Google Maps and finds locations and traffic updates. In addition to, a new feature called My Day is designed to update everything to start the day including weather, traffic updates, and your calendar appointments. It is a daily briefing based on everything Google knows about the user.

Moreover, Home's Assistant can track notes and reminders and push them to the Assistant on Pixel phone too.

Google Home is also designed to use your voice to control connected gadgets at home. It works with Nest, Chromecast on TV, SmartThings, and a few other smart-home companies.

Google Home will cost $129 initially and will be available on November 4.

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