Greene Touch Empowers Google Dealing With Home Depot

By Staff Writer

Mar 24, 2016 08:43 AM EDT

Google Inc. has reached a deal to win a corporate client for its cloud computing business on Tuesday. Under the deal, Landing Home Depot (LHD) will move some of its data to Google's cloud.

The agreement has been flagged by Greg DeMichillie, a Google executive through a press briefing and is scheduled to get announced formally on Wednesday. Google Cloud Platform has found momentum under the leadership of Diane Greene, a co-founder of VMWare, reports Fortune.

Greene has joined Google during late last year. VMWare serves many of the customers, Google Cloud has also targeted, with its virtualization technology for improving the efficiency of data centers.

Google Cloud's more prominent customers are new internet based companies such as message service Snapchat. LHD comprises of more than 2,000 stores in the US, Canada and Mexico and bolsters Google Cloud's standing among bricks and mortar businesses. However, the Atlanta based construction and home improvement retailer, has declined to provide any details on its deal with Google, according to a report published in CNBC.

Google stands third in cloud computing, a popular mean for enterprises to conduct their IT operations. Global cloud computing business accounts for $20 billion a year and has been forecast to grow 35% over the next year, reports Bloomberg citing data procured from Gartner Inc. as the source. However, Synergy Research represents Google as the fourth dominant player in cloud infrastructure services.

The Alphabet Inc. subsidiary intends to massively expand its network of data centers in order to climb the ranking. Its cloud computing business has generated $500 million in revenue during last year according to data furnished by analysts at Goldman Sachs.

The revenue may be compared with $74.5 billion overall for its parent company. However, cloud business has already established itself as one of its fastest growing business areas.

Google has apparently started finding ground in cloud computing business. Apple, a long recognized client of Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Arzu has initiated using Google's cloud for its iCloud. The service enables Apple customers storing music, photos and documents, narrates an industry executive. Spotify, a music service and high profile customer of AWS has announced last month utilizing Google's cloud for some computing infrastructure.

Google has been extending data centers across the world with developing two new regional centers in Japan and Oregon to reach the number of regions it serves to five. The Silicon Valley tech giant has kicked off its cloud conference in San Francisco Wednesday with a keynote speech by Greene. Ms. Greene is expected to outline her cloud strategy during her first major public appearance since joining the company.

Google's cloud computing business is gaining momentum and has been acknowledged as the fastest growing business in entire Alphabet Empire. The momentum has been accelerated further with the joining of former VMWare co-founder, Diane Greene. Google Cloud Platform has attained another success through reaching an agreement on Tuesday with Landing Home Depot.

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