Ryan Braun losses about US$3 million and misses final 65 games

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Jul 23, 2013 10:04 AM EDT

Ryan Braun recently went through a season plagued with injury. Now, a suspension he accepted Monday will cost him about US$3 million from his US$8.5 million salary. He will also miss the final 65 games of Milwaukee.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) targeted Braun and more than a dozen other players. These players were connected with Biogenesis of America, said a report by Miami New Times last January. Specifically, Braun was suspended for unspecified violations of the game's labor contract and drug program. The MLB also targeted Alex Rodriguez, an injured Yankees star. Biogenesis of America was an anti-aging clinic, which was now closed.

"The guys that are cheating or whatever are taking something away from the other players," said C.J. Wilson, Angels pitcher. "They're lying to the fans, they're lying to their teammates, they're lying to their GMs, their owners, and they're going to get caught," he added.

"I've said all along he doesn't need that stuff to perform," said catcher Jonathan Lucroy. "I don't know why he ever took it."

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