New iPhone: Apple is Developing Wireless Charging for Its Devices To Be Released in 2017

By Staff Writer

Feb 01, 2016 04:17 AM EST

Reports suggest that Apple is developing a wirelessly-charged iPhone. The new model with this new technology is likely to hit the smartphone markets as soon as 2017.

According to Bloomberg, the technology is now being developed by Apple Inc., with cooperation with the company's partners in the U.S and Asia. This new technology would come as a key feature in the new iPhone 7 model currently being developed. However, some rumors suggested that the new feature would not be available in iPhone 7 and could be postponed to later models.

This is not the first time Apple has shown interest in wireless charging. MacRumors reported that Apple had an interest in wireless charging since they introduced the first iPhone generation. Then Apple works to gain patents for the technology, including wireless charging stations and field magnetic resonance wireless charging. In 2010, Apple also applied a patent for the concept of using an iMac as a hub for wireless charging. The concept uses a near-filed magnetic resonance technique and it could be used within a distance of about 1 meter.

Apple's own Apple Watch has also come with a similar technology. Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock enables users to charge the Watch while putting the Watch on the dock without having to plug the watch directly into a power source. However, this technology still requires the device to be in contact with the charging mat, and Apple is working toward developing a new technology where the induced-charging could work within some distance.

Besides wireless charging, reports also revealed that the new iPhone model to be introduced this year would also see the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Macworld reported that the jack would be replaced by an all-in-one Lightning connector, which is believed to be where users could plug in headphones and plug the device to a power source. So, it is likely that iPhone 7 users would not be able to plug in their headphones and charge their phone at the same time. However, the removal of the 3.5mm jack would enable Apple to make an even thinner model of iPhone.

Apple is not the only device makers to have shown interest in developing wireless charging technology. Samsung, Sony, and Google have also released wirelessly-charged smartphones, although the technology still requires the device to be close to the charging hub.

Apple devices users are looking forward to seeing what the new generation of iPhone would bring. Whether the new iPhone 7 model would come with a wireless charging technology or not, we could expect to see the technology to appear on later models of Apple devices before long. 

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