Apple fixes Safari bug that crashed Mac and iOS browser

By Staff Writer

Jan 30, 2016 12:15 AM EST

Apple's Safari browser faced difficulties on both iOS and Mac this morning and crashed when users carried searched via its address bar. Apple fixes the bug and says to turn off Safari suggestions.

Users worldwide complained that they had experienced the bug this morning on both mobile devices as well as its Mac computers. Although Apple recently updated its operating systems namely iOS and OS X, those of them who did not install the new versions also experienced the same fault.

Gizmodo reported that, according to Steven Troughton-Smith, an iOS developer, "the issue is a result of Safari's search suggestions feature and it causes the browser to crash whenever you try and search via the address bar. We can certainly confirm that it's happening for us on both Mac and iPhone."

The auto-suggest feature or the Safari suggestions works by attempting to predict what the user is searching for. It offers a list of possible suggestions while browsing. BBC reported that, the problem was caused by a process happening at Apple's data centers, that a coding error in Safari browser itself. Also Apple has not given any comment on this fault.

Users used Twitter platform to raise their concerns with many using the hashtag #Safaricrash. One user wrote: 'Safari is crashing on all of my devices since this morning! Hurry up Apple.' While another user tweeted that, 'Problems with Safari on Mac and iOS. Sort it out soon guys.'

According to Mail Online, if users are continuing to experience problems, clearing their browser's cache should rectify things. This can be achieved by going to Settings, tapping on Safari, selecting Advanced and opening Website Data. By clicking Remove All Website Data, it will potentially clear passwords, and other stored information.

Earlier in the week, Malicious link (web link) that went viral and forced Safari to crash. The website crashed the iPhone's default browser. It was reported to have released thousands of characters that overloaded its memory and overheating the device. The link overloads the default Safari web browser with a self-generating text string that populates the address bar. After about 20 seconds, it will force an iPhone to reboot, while significantly heating up the device as it tries to handle the code of the site.

Apple recently announced its record profits for the last financial quarter. Although it makes Safari bug problem sound small, there are still plenty of complaints directed at Apple across Twitter.

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