Survey: Southeast Asian children are 20% more digitally active than U.S children

By Staff Writer

Jan 18, 2016 05:52 AM EST

A recent survey shows that children at the age of 6 to 14 in Southeast Asia are 20 percent more active in mobile usage than the U.S children of the same age group. The survey is conducted by SuperAwesome, an U.K-based startup.

According to Venture Beat, the research reports that 87 percent of kids in Southeast Asia use smartphones. Among the numbers, half of them have their own mobile devices. On the other hand, only less than 30 percent of kids who use gadgets have their own phone. However, U.S kids own more tablets at 47 percent.

The result is concluded from markets data in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. SuperAwesome interviewed a total number of 1,800 kids in the region for this study. 

Furthermore, the study explains that mobile device provides the main access for Asian kids to consume media. Asian kids use smartphones to catch up on TV, as well as play games. In fact, mobile gaming is the third most-popular activity for Asian kids to do in their spare time. Watching TV, using the television or other electronic devices including smartphones, comes slightly before gaming.

In numbers, about 70 percent Southeast Asian kids play mobile games in their spare time, higher than the 56 percentage of the U.S kids. While U.S kids prefers social apps, data shows that 80 percent of the most-used apps for Southeast Asian kids are indeed mobile games. 

The infographic report released by SuperAwesome also shows difference inside the age group. 50 percent of kids from age 12-14 go online regularly after school, compared to 36 percent kids from the age 9-11 group and 24 percent in younger kids. Kids from the age group of 12-14 also consume more of social media in their spare time.

SuperAwesome, who conduct and share the survey, is a startup that put together a safe ad network for children. They strive to provide safe mobile, web, and online video advertisements for kids, according to Techinasia. The startup have recently hit 200 million views per month in the U.K, Europe, and the U.S, and already expand their area of service to Australia and Southeast Asia. 

Overall, the results concluded that children in this region is the most digitally engaged compared to any other region in the world. It also proved that kids industry, especially digital industry, is very important and that media and technology have a huge impact on the new generation.

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