Morgan Stanley Sketches Kroger As Potential Threat To Amazon, Walmart

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Jan 12, 2016 02:52 AM EST

Morgan Stanley has revealed its observations on a recent ecommerce survey that Kroger enjoys a favorable position to off bit other grocery chains in the online sales arena. As per the report, the upcoming online chain market approaches towards defeating other ecommerce giants like Walmart, Amazon, Target and Whole Food.

Kroger has reportedly witnessed to find momentum followed by successful mergers with Harris Teeter and Vitacost. Through the merger, Kroger has accessed to Harris Teeter's Express Lane Technology. The technology allows customers to order online and pick up their purchases at locations.

Later on, apparently inspired Kroger with the Express Lane model, has initiated testing its own click-and-collect service, popularly known as Click List. The service is now available at 184 locations, reports Business Insider.

On the contrary, merging with nutrition ecommerce company Vitacost has introduced Kroger with a different online shopping strategy. Insights on home delivery and technology involved thereto, have accelerated the new online shopping giant's growth.

All in handling nutrition products have been inherited from the nutrition marketer. Now a day, Kroger is entertaining delivery of more than 36,000 health related and organic products in Denver under the 'Live Naturally' platform, reports News United.

Furthermore, Kroger has a service called 'Scan Bag Go' in which customers use a handheld device to scan their items as they shop. The device tallies up the customer's total bill instead of scanning each item by a cashier.

Bored with the traditional time consuming scanning, the new Kroger approach has widely been admired by the customers. Launched in a handful of stores in 2011, Kroger has expanded 'Scan Bag Go' in greater Cincinnati in November 2015, reports Tampa Bay Business Journal.

Kroger's rising growth also involves a fact that it is widely capable of gathering and analyzing data from its customer information base. The company's Customer Analytics & Insight Division, called 84.51, is believed to be the backbone of the Kroger's ecommerce business future.

In another study, performed by John Karolefski, grocery analyst for the Cleveland based publisher of has referred Amazon and Walmart as the big potential threat to Publix. The latter is a chain super market and both the ecommerce giants pose threat to Publix even in its hometown Central Florida.

Cincinnati based Kroger Co. has been depicted as the Publix's biggest competitor in metro Atlanta and the Carolinas. But the story hasn't represented Kroger as a threat to Amazon or Walmart but sketches as a potential ecommerce market leader.

The Cincinnati-based Kroger Co. has been witnessed to grow rapidly compared to other ecommerce giants. Its simple 'Scan Bag Go' approach has adopted uniqueness to some extents, but still lags far behind Amazon or Walmart. However, another study acknowledges Kroger as a rising ecommerce platform, but doesn't compare with market pioneers like Amazon and Walmart.

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