People send thanks to Apple, saying its Watch saved their lives

By Staff Writer

Jan 07, 2016 10:49 PM EST

Apple COO Jeff Williams said in a radio interview that they have been receiving a lot of emails from people who say that its iWatch saved their lives.

"The only thing on the Apple Watch from a medical standpoint is the heart-rate sensor," said Williams in a report by Business Insider. "Having the information readily available and passively tracked in the background has proved to be profound in a way we didn't anticipate."

According to the emails Apple received, some cardiologist said that the patients who determined their heart rate through the Watch came to them. If they hadn't treated them on time, these people would have died, said the cardiologists.

Apple Watch users can check their heart rates through their iPhones, said Williams. Monitoring their heart rate gives people a bigger view of their health, than a simple snapshot.

CNBC reported that Jeff Williams has recently been named chief operating officer last month. Williams became a part of Apple back in 1998. He became vice president of operations in 2004. He has been supervising the company's supply chain ever since 2010.

However, things haven't been going smoothly, according to ZDNet. Besides the rising concerns on the iPhone's inventory and ability to stretch to a two-year upgrade cycle as the iPhone 7 approaches, the Apple Watch is also facing growing threats. Apple plans to grow the Watch slow, create an ecosystem and become the next hit for the company. However, the premium pricing and the company's once-a year hardware updates strategies are not working.

However, the good news about the Apple Watch saving lives inspires Williams and his team. "We think we're just at the beginning and couldn't be more excited about the future," said Williams.

He said that the Apple Watch brings wrist devices into more than just time tellers, the same way that the iPhone has turned the cellphones into a multi-function technology.

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