Coca-Cola's Polar Bear Mascot video becomes a viral hit

By Money Times

Nov 23, 2015 08:13 PM EST

A new video of the Coca-Cola polar bear mascot is circulating the web and has garnered over 700,000 hits in YouTube since it was posted last Monday.

Santa Claus isn't the only Christmas icon people want to take picture with, as Coca-Cola's polar bear mascot grabs attention during a photo shoot. The soda company's mascot has become a big part in celebrating the holiday season. The new life size mascot may become more popular than simply sitting on Santa's lap, according to KTAR News.

The video that has been spreading all across the internet takes pictures with people and is really fun to watch.

According to Pop Sugar, it seems like the person behind the cuddly polar bear really loves his job. The site dared the audience not to laugh out loud while watching the video, which is something very difficult to do. The polar bear is very adorable with its own facial expression and antics. It has an authentic character to it.

The video shows a cute life size polar bear taking pictures with fans. Some people who commented on the video said the mascot has a muppet-like quality to it. The mascot poses perfectly and seems to really be looking at the fans when it is interacting with them. If people know how to suspend their imagination, the costume could easily be mistaken as a real polar bear.

Since Coca-Cola's polar bear is an important part of Christmas, there are other companies capitalizing from it. In a report by PR News Wire, restaurant chain Krystal is now selling limited-edition Sprite Cranberry with a Coca-Cola polar bear for only 99 cents to celebrate the holidays.

Krystal director of calendar programs and promotions Heather Schlesinger said, "For us at Krystal, that's all our valued guests and the children and families in the communities we serve, as all children deserve a holiday gift."

For each bear sold, the store will donate to the US Marines Toys for Tots program.

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