Google's Machine Learning Software: TensorFlow, Goes Open Source

By Money Times

Nov 12, 2015 07:42 PM EST

Artificial Intelligence seems to be working great for the tech giants including Google, Facebook & Apple who are working hard these days to get the best outcome.

Just after the news shared by Facebook CTO regarding the company's hard work over Artificial Intelligence, comes a news from Google that the team is open-sourcing its machine learning software. This means that just like Android, Google's machine learning software will be available for free to the public and outside developers (unofficial) as reported byTimes Of India.

The new machine learning software called 'Tensor Flow' has the ability to run on a single smartphone or across thousands of computers in data centers. Google claims that its newly launched software is smarter, faster and much more flexible than the older ones.

This move is actually very Google-y. It's actually a system, in a loose similarity, much similar to android, its mobile operating system. Google has also been taking part very actively in academic research regarding machine learning. Its niche rival Apple, which is also working hard in the same field like voice recognitions and mapping vehicles etc.. If Google's machine learning software proves fruitful to scientists and their experiments than Google will have more control over the growing field, according to Re/code.

"We use TensorFlow for everything ranging from speech recognition in Google Application to Smart Reply in the inbox and to search in the Google Photos. It allows us to build and train neural nets up to five times faster than our first-generation system, so we can use it to improve our products much more quickly", writes the company in a blog post.

Mr. Dean states that the community would find this a good method of expressing machine learning algorithm and it would contribute in enhancing and building the platform in several productive techniques, according to Tech News Today.

The software should not be seen as extremely progressed and advanced as it is still establishing. It will learn and enhance itself in due time. Google must be credited as it has made the product an open source, a system allowing everyone to try their way of improving it and take it to the next level.

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