Even machines are getting social as Facebook reveals artificial intelligence advances

November 5
10:36 PM 2015

Facebook Inc. announces  that its artificial intelligent research team has achieved new developments including the software's ability to identify objects in digital pictures, to understand natural language, and even to learn.

Director of Facebook Artificial Intelligent Research (FAIR) Yann Lecunn explained in a report by British Telecommunications, that the FAIR goal is to build intelligent machines that help people.

The team is trying to replicate in a machine human's ability to learn and make it intelligent.

The FAIR team has developed a system to identify objects and actions in a photo 30% faster dan uses 10x less training data than most other systems and industry benchmark. The technology will be presented on artificial intelligence conference NIPS next month.

Facebook's IA research is also developing a system called Memory Networks (MemNets) that has the ability to understand natural language.

The system can read and then answer questions about a short text. The Memory Networks combined by a new system called VQA or Visual Q&A will have image recognition feature and allow people to ask the machine what's in a photo.

According to Forbes, the technology could be used to improve Facebook's ability to show images, posts and ads that are most suitable with users and will likely also be valuable to visually impaired users.

The team has also created an AI system that can play Chinese strategy game, Go. The game is tougher for computers to understand than chess. But Facebook's AI system will play as good as a strong human player in the next few months.

One of Facebook's AI software will also allow the computer to perform predictive learning. The machine will be able to observe a situation and understand the outcome.

Facebook showed the milestone of the system where the computer 'watches' a video of a tower made from blocks toppling over. The system will be able to predict which way the tower will fall with 90% of accuracy, which is better than most humans.

The social network recently began testing on an online personal assistant project called "M".

The project uses a combination of human workers and software to answer questions and carry out tasks like ordering food, according to Huffington Post.

Facebook is using AI software to assist and study the interaction so the system can learn the best responses and eventually perform tasks.

Facebook believes that its AI research developments will have the positive outcomes. The AI systems are going to be an extension of human brains in the same way cars are an extension of human legs.

The company assured that AI technology will not replace humans, but it will amplify everything they do.

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