Google Acquires Photo Video app maker Fly Labs

By Money Times

Nov 10, 2015 07:53 PM EST

Google acquired New York City-based Fly Labs, the photo and video editing software company responsible for apps like Flt, Tempo, Crop, and Clips in the iOS App Store.

Google seeks to provide better video and photo editing features for its users through the acquisition of the small app maker company, according to Information Week. Fly Labs develops apps that offers capabilities such as video slow-motion, cropping, time-lapse, and other editing technologies.

"We're excited to continue on our mission by joining Google and the Google Photos team in Mountain View, California." Fly Lab said in a statement posted in Android Central. "We'll be pouring the same passion into Google Photos that we poured into Clips, Fly, Tempo and Crop on the Fly."

Android Authority reported that Fly Lab's apps have been downloaded more than 3 million times from over 150 countries for the last year and a half. The company boasts that 20 million videos have been edited using their app. According to the report Fly Lab's apps are free to download in the App Store today. However, it will be removed from Apple's market after 3 months.

One of Fly Lab's popular apps is Tempo. It has slow-motion and time-lapse capabilities. It also lets users adjust their video's speed of the tempo from slowest to fastest. Another app is the Clips, which allows the users to edit their video on their smartphones. Fly is another app that lets users edit video through gesture controls. The fourth app is Crop, which allows users to shoot videos while holding the smartphone vertically.

Meanwhile, despite Google+'s not very impressive success, the company's penetration to the social media industry has been more obvious with its Google Photos, which has recently reported more than 100 million users, with 50 billion photos and videos uploaded. Google is also interested in penetrating the business of chips in smartphones powering Android operating system. The Fly Labs acquisition could lead to this project.

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