Touchscreen demand lifts Chinese to billionaire status

By IVCPOST Staff Reporter

Jul 03, 2013 01:20 PM EDT

Cai Rongjun, chairman of O-film Tech Company from Shenzen, China, recently reached billionaire status after his company's shares skyrocketed by 178% this year. The high demand for tablet computers and portable computer devices prompted the Chinese touchscreen glass panel manufacturer's expected soaring.

The 41-year old billionaine now currently posts a net worth of over $1 billion after yesterday's 10% stock advance, according to data from the Bloomber Billionaires Index. Cai Rongjun is yet to be listed on any international wealth rankings.

His wealth consists primarily of a 22% stake in O-film. The company supplies to big names in the industry such as Lenovo Group Ltd., Samsung Electronics Company, and Sony Corporation.

The rise of the tablet computer gave way to new investment opportunities, considered as the primary avenue to access the Internet following the iPad's release back in 2010. Other companies who followed the tablet trend, such as Amazin, Google, and Samsung, all had increased shipments.

"Demand for large touchscreen displays is exploding, resulting in a huge gap between supply and demand," said Chinese analyst Wei Xingyun.

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