Silicon Valley Accelerator 500 Startups Allocated $10 Million Fund for Vietnam Startups

500 Startups is seeing a great potential in Vietnam, where more than half of its population are below the age of 30 and most adults are using smartphones. The Silicon Valley-based accelerator is preparing a $10 million investment fund dedicated for Vietnam startups.

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India is now the world's largest rice exporter, surpassing Thailand

India is now the world's largest exporter of rice, with 10.23 million tons of rice exported in 2015. The country outranked the former leader, Thailand whose export numbers have fallen to 9.8 million tons this year, which also recorded the lowest rice prices in the last ten years. It seems the falling prices are also tied to the global oil crisis that has hit the rice importers, thereby affecting their purchasing power.

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Vietnam warns China over oil rig drilling in disputed sea

Vietnam warned China against drilling an oil rig in borderline waters in the South China Sea. Vietnam's anxiety over the rig develops subsequent to a recent flight testing carried out by China on a fake island in Spratly archipelago.

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Vietnam economy among fastest-growing markets amidst global economic threats

Vietnam‘s economy is steadily expanding at near 7 percent this year, making it one of the world’s fastest-growing markets amidst global market turmoil.

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After Test Flights In Spratly, China Intends Regular Flights From Woody Islands, Invites For Private Investments

China has been claiming most of the potentially oil- gas enriched islands located in the South China Sea region. Moreover, naval routes of this region are extremely important for passage of huge trade consignments. These factors have allured China to take control over the zone. But Chinese efforts in this regard are creating tensions among its neighboring countries, also claimant for the disputed islands.

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Vietnamese Fishermen Are Often Beaten By China in South China Sea

In the recent update of South China Sea dispute, incident of Chinese coastguard attacking Vietnamese fishermen occurred even more. The fishermen were beaten and their equipments were broken. Chinese coastguard also damaged the ship.

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Vietnam Issued Second Warning to China For Flight in South China Sea

Vietnam issued second warning for China for landing two airplane on the artificial island in disputed Fiery Cross Reef.

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Obama to sign TPP deal with Philippines and Vietnam in APEC Summit

US President Barack Obama is heading for an Asian trip and is expected to join the APEC Summit in Manila to talk about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) summit, which will be attended by all Asia-Pacific leaders will be the center of Obama's attention to deliver a speech and convince leaders to sign the agreement.

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You too can drop everything and travel the world for $40,000

Mark and Britnee Johnston spent a whole year's vacation leave days or two weeks on a trip to Vietnam. It was their first long trip as a couple and as they toured the small Asian country and talked to other travellers, two weeks of travel suddenly didn't seem enough. Mark said that they felt unsatisfied thinking that they have to wait another year to have another vacation again.

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Japan pledges $6 billion to Mekong nations as China prepares new bank

Japan said on Saturday it would extend around $6 billion in development aid to Mekong region countries, as China prepares to launch a new institutional lender seen as encroaching on the regional clout of Tokyo and ally Washington.

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'Zombies' haunt Vietnam's trade bonanza bid

Nguyen Nam owns an engineering services firm in Ho Chi Minh City that pays no taxes nor any salaries. The flip side is it earns no revenue either.

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Philippines to get frigates, gunboats, helicopters as tension simmers

The Philippines aims to buy two frigates, two helicopters and three gunboats for deployment in the South China Sea where a territorial dispute with China has lent urgency to the need to bolster forces, a Philippine navy officer said on Wednesday.

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SoftBank invests $250 million in Southeast Asian taxi-hailing app GrabTaxi

Japanese telecoms firm SoftBank Corp has pumped in $250 million to become the top investor in Southeast Asian mobile taxi-booking application GrabTaxi Holdings Pte Ltd, its biggest investment in a Southeast Asian Internet firm.

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Samsung Electronics wins $3 billion Vietnam project license

South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (005930.KS) has secured a license to invest $3 billion to expand its production in northern Vietnam, the Vietnamese government said.

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Spotlight falls on Europe's stuttering economy

As large parts of Europe's economy grind almost to a halt, attention will focus this week on the latest assessments of business confidence in the euro zone and Germany, which has just narrowly avoided a recession.

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