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Investors caught in Samsung bid hoax for Sweddish tech company

A fake press release was sent claiming Samsung Electronics would buy Sweden’s Fingerprint Cards that made shares soar on Friday trading.

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Cision looks into erroneous release about Samsung's acquisition of Fingerprint Cards

Press release provider Cision AB said it had been investigating why it released an incorrect report about Samsung's purchase of Fingerprint Cards.

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Samsung Electronics to resell Seagate Tech shares for USD1.51 billion

After receipt of shares in Seagate Technology as payment, Samsung is now reselling the shares back to the Dublin based firm for USD1.51 billion.

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Samsung to region-lock Android phones in Europe

Compiled reports by The Next Web confirmed news that Samsung Electronics Co Ltd would be region-locking almost all of its Android phones.

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Smartwatch, the next revolutionary device

The smartwatch had been seen as the latest addition to the consumer electronics market however a source said the device would not change anything in the industry.

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Chinese media invited to Apple's September 11 event in Beijing - reports

Chinese media said that Apple invited local journalists in its September 11 event in Beijing, a day later from the tech giant's newest iPhone model launch in its Cupertino, California headquarters.

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Sharp to raise funds through share sale

Sharp Corp announced that they are looking into ways to raise funding needed for capital investments.

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Samsung announces US$1 billion increase in investment

Samsung increased it investment by US$1 billion with the hope that it would compensate for the slumping smartphone growth.

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Yes, Google is a buy

Google's innovations and ways of dealing with circumstances proved why it is the leading tech giant in the industry and that it is a good investment.

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Apple slows demand for smartphones

The lack of immediate upgrades from Apple was said to be accountable for the decreasing demand for high-end smartphones.

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Apple's sales become gloomy in China

Apple reported a 14% decline on its sales in China due to the increasing popularity of cheaper android phones and local brands.

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Apple ditches AU Optronics, crawls back to Samsung for iPad mini2 components

Apple dumped AU Optronics after its failure to meet the standards of the technology giant which further resulted to Apple's negotiations with Samsung about iPad mini 2's components.

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Google takes first step to detach itself from the android pack

Google would spend more than US$500 million to market Moto X and begin its separation from the android pack.

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Samsung will reveal best operating revenue ever

The world's biggest smartphone producer by shipments, Samsung Electronics Co., was anticipated to reveal it best operating revenue ever.

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Samsung smartphone sales crush Apple

Samsung outdid Apple's iPhone sales for this year's second quarter after reporting 23 million units sold.

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