NASA’s Dawn Spacecraft Captures Surface Photos Of Dwarf Planet Ceres

NASA’s Dawn Spacecraft Snaps Photos of Mysterious Bright Regions in Dwarf Planet Ceres

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NASA Should Warn Elon Musk For Risking Astronauts Lives

Elon Musk is 'risking astronauts lives' with plan to refuel SpaceX rockets while they are onboard, experts warn NASA.

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NASA Launches Expedition 49

NASA started a new mission in the outer space with Expedition 49.

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SpaceX Prepares to Launch Its Falcon 9 Rocket this Friday

This Friday SpaceX is ready to launch Falcon 9 rocket carrying cargo for International Space Station. NASA has also anticipated to use SpaceX and Boeing to launch astronauts by the end of 2017.

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX Success May Remain A Dream, Argues Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson has termed Elon Musk’s SpaceX project as a delusion and argues in favor of his claim. The cost involved appears to be the first hurdle since such gigantic project can’t be implemented without public funds or government patronization. The level of risk and lack of commitments for returning profits are the two other major causes behind his argument.

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NASA, Lockheed Martin Collaborate For Quieter 'X-Plane' Project Worth $20 Million

NASA is to built quieter supersonic jet planes that will one day replace passenger jet planes. The $20 million contract was given to Lockheed Martin which will collaborate with NASA for reviving supersonic aviation feasibility studies.

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NASA Calls Coders to Create New Algorithms to Improve Its Robonaut's Vision

NASA is seeking new algorithms that could enable its Robonaut 2 to see better, despite the worn out sensors due to constant radiation. Coders can participate in a competition held by NASA and submit algorithms that could solve the problem and could also work with the humanoid’s existing central system and machinery.

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Virgin Galactic unveils new space tourism rocket plane

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic venture unveiled a new passenger spacecraft on Friday, nearly 16 months after a fatal accident destroyed its sister ship during a test flight over California's Mojave Desert.

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Luxembourg, SES along with US private companies to go out of space to mine minerals out of asteroids

Luxembourg has proposed to tap the mineral-rich asteroids orbiting between Earth and Mars for minerals that are scarce in our planet. Its deputy prime minister, Etienne Schneider, has already announced the roll-out of the initiative named, which will be set up with the help of its US and European commercial partners.

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Space gardening suceeded planting the first flower to bloom in space

Previously, an experiment team of a space gardening project called Veggie has also succeeded planting consumable lettuce. The flower bloom is a remarkable step forward to a more advanced technique and choice of plants to grow in space. The project was established because NASA seeks to learn how astronauts can grow their own food in space to sustain long-term space journey.

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How Prime Air drones deliver, Amazon exec explains

Amazon is currently working on its Prime Air drones, which will revolutionize the concept of online shopping completely. These drones have an in-built sense-and-avoid technology that allows them to reach their destinations unharmed, and deliver online orders within an unbelievable 30 minutes.

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NASA Concludes Its Hybrid Plane Research Successfully

Researchers in NASA is moving one step further to introduce a hybrid airplane technology in concluding its ERA project. The airplane will be able to fly on both fossil fuel and electricity, similar to hybrid car technology.

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Lockheed-Boeing JV to fly into satellite launching space

United Launch Alliance (ULA), a joint venture (JV) between Lockheed Martin and Boeing, is entering into miniature satellites segment. ULA is planning to launch a CubeSat carrier by mid 2017. ULA will explore business potential in launching small satellites for earth imaging, weather forecasting, internet relays, etc.

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Aerion and Airbus to Build New Supersonic Jet in 2021

American billionaire, Robert Bass, established Aerion in 2004. The company with engineering support from Airbus will formally launch the AS2 program next year. Currently, the Reno,based company is searching for manufacturing facility to start building its Aerion supersonic jet. This will become new supersonic jet after Concorde retirement in 2003.

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Antarctica is actually gaining ice: NASA

The U.S. space agency NASA claimed that the mass gain for Antarctic ice is greater than the loss suffered from melting. The latest study of NASA doesn't deny that ice mass in Antarctica is melting at an increased rate as a result of global warming but suggests ice mass gains outweigh the losses.

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