Subsidy increase does little to appease renewable energy investors

Investors in the wind farm industry and renewable energy sector are still doubting the stability of the market even after a 10% increase in subsidy.

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Investors meet at Premoney Conference

More than 300 investors gathered at the Premoney Conference in San Francisco.

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Investors doubt U.S. and Europe gov't debt payment programs

The US and European governments won't be able to make any significant cut back on its deficits, according to investors.

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Hedge Fund Exits Rise in June, Investors Repositions in Mid-Year

Investors used the mid-year point to review fund portfolios making requests to pull out cash from hedge funds increase in June.

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Leadership change and new financing received by STAT-Diagnostica

A new CEO and new funding greets the future of STAT-Diagnostica.

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Card Scanning Solutions gain three independent investors

Card Scanning Solutions gains Insight Venture Partners, Red Oak Growth Partners and Egis Capital Partners as investors.

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Foreign investors divest US government bonds

Foreign investors, such as China and Japan, have started divesting their US bond holdings.

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High yield investors' exodus returns European market to normal

High yield investors flee from the European junk bond market as funding costs increase.

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TVA Medical Raises US$9.5 million

TVA Medical raised US$5.9 million from Series B financing for minimally invasive technology for End Stage Renal Failure patients.

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Economic Miracle in Myanmar Depends On Natural Gas Bounty

Myanmar opens its doors to foreign investors to explore the country's abundance in natural gas.

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Mobiquity raises US$12 million in Series B Financing

Mobiquity was able to raise US$12 million in series B financing for its geographic expansion goals.

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Pirelli Chairman Seeks To Retain Control Through Investors

Pirelli chairman seeks to include new investors after falling out with major partner in the Pirelli investment.

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US$2 Million for Dynamic Yield from Series A

Dynamic Yield raises US$2 million in Series A funding.

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Ziggo Shareholdings from Cinven and Warburg Pincus to be Reduced

Cinven and Warburg Pincus Investments to Lower with share sale in Ziggo.

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Private Equity Scams Prevail in China

Scams on fraudulent private equities rob individuals of hard earned money.

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