Moelis Plans U$35 Million in Payouts to Staff, Investors

Moelis & Co decided to pay US$35 million to its investors and employees that held a stake in the firm.

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Fed's Reduced Bond Buying Threat Results in Fund Withdrawals

Fed's reduced bond buying threat resulted in fund withdrawals from several investors.

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Mobileye Says Investors Valued Its Equity At US$1.5 billion

Mobileye NV said on Sunday that it had raise money from five investors valuing its equity to US$1.5 billion.

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Ghana urges investors to aid agri salvage

Minister of Food and Agriculture of Ghana Clement Humaldo urged investors to help cut down the losses from harvesting.

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Higher US Yields, Good News for Investors

Higher US bond yields were good news for investors.

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No 75% Control of Hindustan Unilever, Investors Rather Hold On to Stocks

Unilever was unable to raise its holding in Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUVR) to its goal of 75%.

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Ocapo Ltd receives additional funding

Ocapo Ltd received new round of investment for expansion purposes.

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P2P Investors Plan to Securitize Loans

P2P investors plan to securitize loans to further growth in originations.

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Gardner Denver's investors to meet separately in New York and London

The US investors for the buyout of Gardner Denver's investors would be meeting in London and New York.

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Bond investments experience capital flight

Many investors are divesting their bond holdings because of current economic conditions.

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Subsidy increase does little to appease renewable energy investors

Investors in the wind farm industry and renewable energy sector are still doubting the stability of the market even after a 10% increase in subsidy.

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Investors meet at Premoney Conference

More than 300 investors gathered at the Premoney Conference in San Francisco.

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Investors doubt U.S. and Europe gov't debt payment programs

The US and European governments won't be able to make any significant cut back on its deficits, according to investors.

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Hedge Fund Exits Rise in June, Investors Repositions in Mid-Year

Investors used the mid-year point to review fund portfolios making requests to pull out cash from hedge funds increase in June.

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Leadership change and new financing received by STAT-Diagnostica

A new CEO and new funding greets the future of STAT-Diagnostica.

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