Meta Pushes Back Against FTC's Antitrust Lawsuit, Citing Benefits to Consumers from Instagram, WhatsApp Acquisitions

Meta Platforms Inc. refutes the FTC antitrust lawsuit, arguing that consumers benefit from the acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp, challenging FTC's narrow market definition.

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Meta To Label AI-Generated Content On Facebook "Made with AI" for Transparency

In May 2024, Meta plans to add the phrase "Made with AI" to content generated or manipulated by AI, citing transparency and the desire to prevent needless limitations on free speech.

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Facebook Accused of Secretly Wiretapping Snapchat Through Users' Phones in 'Project Ghostbusters,' Documents Reveal

Recently revealed court documents claim that Meta had a covert operation called 'Project Ghostbusters' aimed at spying on Snapchat.

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Man Sues Women Over Negative Facebook Posts on FB Group 'Are We Dating the Same Guy'

A man sued 10 women over negative Facebook posts. Here's what the guy complains about.

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Meta Under Investigation For Alleged Illegal Drug Trade Involvement

U.S. prosecutors in Virginia are investigating Meta over alleged illegal drug trade involvement, with subpoenas targeting records related to drug activities on Meta's platforms.

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South Korea Regulator May Sanction Meta Over Facebook and Instagram Marketplaces: Report

Meta might be penalized by South Korea's antitrust office for allegedly failing to protect local consumers on its Facebook and Instagram marketplaces against fraudulent transactions.

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Meta Is Developing a Giant AI Model to Power Its 'Video Ecosystem' Across Its Platforms, Including Facebook

Meta is developing an AI system to power its video recommendation engine across all its platforms, including Facebook.

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Mark Zuckerberg Loses $2.79 Billion After Global Outage Hits Meta Apps For 2 Hours

Meta's stock price also saw a 1.6% decline after a "technical issue" on Tuesday morning, affecting users for 2 hours.

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Meta Platforms Experience Widespread Outage; Facebook, Instagram, and Threads Inaccessible For 2 Hours

The outage affecting Facebook, Instagram, and Threads lasted approximately two hours after Meta announced they were working on it.

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Justine Trudeau Introduces 'Online Harms Act' To Regulate Content On Facebook, YouTube and Other Platforms

The Online Harms Act mandates internet platforms to regulate and remove harmful content, drawing parallels with European initiatives.

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Seeks to Dismiss Personal Liability in Lawsuits Blaming Him for Kids' Social Media Addiction

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is seeking to dismiss personal liability in two dozen lawsuits accusing Instagram and other social media companies of Meta of addicting children to these platforms.

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Singer Avril Lavigne Calls Out Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg For Bullying Nickleback

Avril Lavigne calls out the CEO of Facebook for bringing up a joke about her ex-husband's band the Nickleback.

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Noertheastern And Facebook Ties Up For Next Generation Research Projects

Northeastern and Facebook partner on next generation research projects

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German Politician Plans To Introduce Bill to Fine Facebook For Every Fake News

German politician Thomas Opperman has threatened to fine Facebook up to €500,000 for every fake news on the platform. This came after Mark Zuckerberg announced the company's plans of building a more informed community, providing changes such as a simple way to flag articles that users think could be fake.

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EU Alleging Facebook For WhatsApp Deal Misleading

European Officials Accuse Facebook of Misleading Them on WhatsApp Deal

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