US Investment Banking Returns To Spotlight

The banking investments in U.S. have made a come back. Their patience is now rewarded. JP Morgan and Citi standout this third-quarter.

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JPMorgan advises investors to vote against the splitting proposal

JPMorgan Chase has advised its shareholders to vote against the proposal to split up the bank. The bank warned its shareholders that the breakup proposal will not benefit its investors.

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Investment Banking Fees fall 29% in Q1

Fees in investment banking sector across the world declined 29% during the first three-month period of 2016 as uncertainty in the global market halted deal proposing activities and other investment events.

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KBW Suggested to Break Citigroup to Increase Shareholders' Value

The analyst at Keefe, Bruyette & Woods believed the breakup would increase shareholders value by 57%. However, Citigroup has asked its shareholders to vote against the too-big-to-fail proposal.

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Financiers Back Away From Coal Ventures, See No Clear Future

U.S. coal industry is facing tough times as one by one files Chapter 11. Due to high debts, decline in demand and stricter regulations, most have no other choice but to shut down. Lately, Peabody Energy announced that it may go bankrupt.

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Shareholders of Citigroup and JPMorgan Will Vote on Potential Breakup

Shareholders of two U.S. prominent banks will vote later this year regarding the breakup plans for the banks. However shareholders are predicted to decline the plan submitted by liberal lobby activist.

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Citigroup in negotiation to appoint Armando Diaz as leader of global capital equities trading business

Citigroup is reportedly in negotiation to appoint Armando Diaz as the global leader of capital equities trading. These appointments signify the bank's effort to construct a robust stock offering business.

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Chase To Replace Amex as Credit Card Leader in America

As Costco will replace its credit card from Amex to Citigroup, a new leader credit card will emerge. Chase will take over the throne of sales volume from Amex.

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Alibaba Resort to $4 Billion Loans For Expansion From Respective Banks

Alibaba plans of expanding and venturing into other business the reason it is seeking $4 billion in loans. It is already in talks with several banks and the request will be finalized by next month.

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Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat Received 27% Increase of Salary in 2015

Citigroup raises salary of its CEO to $16.5 million in 2015. The bank has managed to be more efficient in operation under Corbat's leadership and passing mandatory stress test.

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Citigroup Bans Financial Transactions of DFS Sites In New York While Some US States Observe ‘The Game of Skill’ As Legal

Terming the daily fantasy sports as illegal gambling, the New York Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against DraftKings and FanDuel. While the lawsuit proceeds in its own pace, banking giant Citigroup has imposed a ban on transactions to the DFS sites by the New Yorkers. Some US states express reluctance while some declare the sites as legal.

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Major banks funding Bitcoin startup on recording blockchain deals

A bitcoin startup Digital Asset Holdings has received funding from major banks. It will work closely with investors on research and commercialization of bitcoin technology applications. Digital Asset said that it has raised over $50 million funding from 13 investors. The list of investors includes JPMorgan Chase & Com, Citigroup Inc, BNP Paribas SA, CME Group Inc and Accenture Plc.

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Stagecoach Beats Umbrella, Overrides Power Sector Debacle Through Contribution From Real Estate

Both Wells Fargo and Citigroup have been badly hit with the historic low oil price. The Walls Street banks have heavy investment in energy portfolio and the industry is passing through a nightmare since 2008. Both the banks have been forced to keep provision against the default power investments. But real estate portfolio has helped Stagecoach to leave behind the umbrella with its greater contributions predicted earlier.

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CItigroup will scale down its block trading business

Citigroup announced that the company will cut down on block trading businesses as one of the bank's strategy to protect the firm from any losses, especially with current market uncertainty. The bank also plans to avoid its client from big losses as the trading could give a high return but at the same time, the client could risk losing more than they invested when the market turns south.

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Major US banks account for 20% of debts in Glencore

The major banks from the US have exposure to the debt of ailing commodity giant Glencore Plc. Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley have reportedly lent $350million apiece to Glencore. North American banks contributed 20percent of the total loan exposure of Glencore. The ongoing slump in commodities market adversely impacted the Swiss-based Glencore's performance. This indicates potential alarming situation for the American banks if embattled Glencore slips into a liquidity crisis. Glencore is engaged in commodity trading and mining activities.

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