Boeing, Iran In Talks For Possible Aircraft Sales and Services

Now that the nuclear sanctions are lifted, Iran is now free to make deals with foreign companies. It is already in talks with Boeing for possible aircraft purchase and services particularly 737 single-aisle jets and 777 long-range planes.

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SpaceX Prepares to Launch Its Falcon 9 Rocket this Friday

This Friday SpaceX is ready to launch Falcon 9 rocket carrying cargo for International Space Station. NASA has also anticipated to use SpaceX and Boeing to launch astronauts by the end of 2017.

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Boeing to Reduce Workforce by June As Part of Cost-Cutting and Reorganization

Boeing will reduce its workforce as part of the company’s cost-cutting and reorganization effort. Although it surpassed order forecast for last year, it was offset by a huge drop in new orders. Clients would not want to wait for several years before their orders get delivered.

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Amazon is Pushing The U.S. Government to Authorize Its Efforts on Establishing a Delivery Business

Amazon is pushing the U.S. officials to authorize their moves in efforts to be a new player in the logistics and delivery industry. In recent months, the company has been making moves to achieve the ambition, including building its drones fleet and leasing Boeing planes.

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FedEx Said Amazon Needs Tens of Billions of Dollars and Years to Compete

FedEx said in a statement that “a new entity competing” with the company will have to spend tens of billions of dollars to replicate its current extensive network. The statement, referring to Amazon’s new plan to get into the logistic business, also assured that FedEx’s relationship with Amazon remain strong.

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Aurora Flight Sciences Develops Vertical Takeoff X-plane with Defense Agency and Investment Firm

Aurora Flight Sciences has been awarded a $89 million worth contract with a defense agency DARPA. The company is developing new design and technology that could enable its X-plane to do a vertical take-off, as well as hover and fly forward efficiently, potentially revolutionizing the military and commercial aviation sector.

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Amazon Leased 20 Boeing 767 Aircrafts To Handle U.S. Delivery Service

Amazon said on Wednesday to start its own air delivery in United States. The largest electronic retailer leased 20 Boeing 767 cargo aircraft from Air Transport Services Group Inc.

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Lockheed Martin Will Lay Off 1,000 Workers in Aeronautics Division

The defense contractor will cut workers from its aircraft division, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company. The company announced on Tuesday to offer voluntary lay off to its employees.

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A350 Increased Sales Boost Airbus Earnings to 1.6%, Equalled A380

Due to the increased sale of Airbus superjumbo A380, the company's earnings rose to 1.6% last year. The aircraft maker is hoping another boost in its earnings this year because of the overwhelming order bookings from different countries.

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Rolls-Royce Cuts Half of Its Dividends

Rolls-Royce halved its dividend payment to shareholders this year. However, many were relieved to get a dividend amount itself, especially since the company had issued five profit warnings in two years. Despite a fall in profit by 12%, the company shares jumped 13%.

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The FAA Warned Airlines that Lithium-Ion Batteries Could Cause Fire and Explosion in Airplanes

The FAA issued an official warning to airlines that lithium-ion batteries powering most mobile devices including smartphones are dangerous to be brought and transported in the aircraft’s cargo. The warning was stated following a series of study involving previous incidents involving lithium ion batteries overheating.

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Intelligent Energy Develops Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology That Could Expand Battery Life to a Week

The British company formed a partnership worth $7.6 million to develop hydrogen fuel cell technology for smartphones. The technology would create a need to modify the hardware of the smartphone to manage the chemical reaction waste. Intelligent Energy stated that if all goes well, the new technology could hit the market in two years.

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Air France and KLM Are Ready to Reinstate Direct Flights to Iran

Air France and KLM are planning to reinstate direct flights to Iran, now that the international sanctions regarding the country's nuclear ambitions are lifted. Iran also planned to request direct flight to the U.S, for the first time since the two countries broke their diplomatic relationship 36 years ago. Air France and KLM are expected to start flying to Iran within the next three months.

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Boeing is Reporting $569 Million Loss and Scaling Down Its 747 Production

Boeing will report a $569 million after-tax accounting loss in its fourth quarter. The company will also reduce production of its 747 airplane starting September this year..

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NASA Concludes Its Hybrid Plane Research Successfully

Researchers in NASA is moving one step further to introduce a hybrid airplane technology in concluding its ERA project. The airplane will be able to fly on both fossil fuel and electricity, similar to hybrid car technology.

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