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Judge approves tentative deal for Countrywide

Judge Mariana Pfaelzer of the US District Court of Los Angeles temporarily approves Countrywide settlement for devalued residential mortgage backed securities.

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Countrywide verdict a major victory for US Justice Department- report

The US Justice Department scored a major win when a New York federal jury found the Countrywide unit of Bank of America guilty for mortgage fraud.

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Morgan Stanley leads profit gains in US lenders

Morgan Stanley along with Bank of America Corp and Wells Fargo & Co. would lead the six biggest lenders in the US banking sector, said a Bloomberg report.

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India's falling currency attracts US investors

Rupee's depreciation makes India an attractive proposition for US investors.

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RadioShack gets new financing offer

RadioShack had received several new financing offers from Bank of America and Wells Fargo, said a Reuters report.

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Barracuda Networks files for IPO

On Tuesday, Barracuda Networks had filed for an initial public offering valued more than USD100 million, according to a regulatory filing.

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Bank of America goes to trial over fraud charges

Bank of America would go on trial this week over fraud charges related to home mortgages which was alleged to defraud Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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BofA agrees to CCB stake sale

Bank of America said it would sell its 2 billion shares in China Construction Bank Corp.

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Bank of America to sell remaining stake in China Construction Bank Corp

Last Tuesday, Bank of America Corp announced to sell its remaining stake in China Construction Bank Corp for USD1.5 billion.

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Termsheet reveals Bank of America sells USD 1.5 billion stake in China Construction Bank Corp

A term sheet seen by Reuters revealed that Bank of America Corp would exit from China Construction Bank Corp by selling shares worth USD 1.5 billion.

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US bank legal bills total USD103 billion

Six US banks led by JP Morgan Chase & Co. and Bank of America Corp. had piled up a total of USD103 billion in legal costs.

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Bank of America settles discrimination lawsuit for USD 160 million

The Merrill Lynch unit of Bank of America corp would pay USD 160 million to settle a discrimination lawsuit filed by African-American financial advisers.

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Federal judge allows FIRREA law interpretation against Bank of America

A federal judge allowed the lawsuit filed by the Justice Department against a unit of Bank of America to proceed by endorsing a broad interpretation of the FIRREA.

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Financial sector near to recovery of S&P top spot

Studies by financial analysts indicated that the banking sector is recovering and may regain top spot on S & P.

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Bank of America reports USD1.5 billion funds added to purchase leveraged loans

Bank of America Corp reported about USD1.5 billion were added by investors into funds that purchase leveraged loans in the U.S.

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