UK Households to Face Additional Temporary Energy Charges to Help With Debts

The UK industry regulator's announcement entails a £20 reduction in the energy price cap, offering relief to consumers, yet introduces a temporary charge.

Joe Biden Lambasted Online for Bragging Supreme Court 'Didn't Stop' Him From Canceling Student Loan Debt

President Joe Biden was slammed online after he bragged that the Supreme Court could not stop him from canceling student loan debt...

Judge Junks Donald Trump Requests for 30-Day Extension to Pay $355 Million Civil Fraud Fine

The judge overseeing the civil fraud case against former President Donald Trump has denied his request to postpone enforcing the $355 million judgment against him for a month...

U.S Citizens Grapple With Sudden Nationwide Cellular Service Outage

A widespread cellular service outage affects major providers like AT&T, Cricket Wireless, Verizon, and T-Mobile across the United States, and no definitive explanations have been provided yet...

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