IOTA Foundation's $10 Million Investment Drive: Fueling Digital Trade and Tokenization

The IOTA foundation is investing $10 million in early-stage startups focusing on digital trade and tokenization of real-world assets, fostering innovation within the IOTA ecosystem.

Warren Buffett Donates a Whooping $870 Million in Berkshire Hathaway Stock to 4 Charities Before Thanksgiving

Warren Buffett has made a substantial move ahead of Thanksgiving, donating over $870 million in Berkshire Hathaway stock to four family foundations...

Wiregrass Investment New People

Wiregrass Investment had already introduced their new members...

$44 Million Investment To Solve Homelessness In Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland's Department for Communities stated that the government has committed $44 million to address the issue of homelessness. The funding will be used to provide support services for the ho..

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Mars One launches project to build simulation Mars crew outpost on Earth
Mars One, the foundation whose mission is to create a human settlement on Mars, has rolled out its new project to construct a simulation outpost on Earth, VentureBeat reported.
US food tech firm Aseptia raises $28M in Series C funding round
Raleigh, North Carolina-based Aseptia, a food firm that developed a technology that allows food to stay fresh without refrigeration and preservatives, raised $28 million in Series C funding which will
Science activist Jeffrey Epstein and Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation back Harvard study on advantages of music to premature babies
Jeffrey Epstein and the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation has substantially backed a Harvard study looking at the effects of music on reducing the stress of premature infants.
Former executive editor Bill Keller to leave New York Times for news startup
New York Times columnist and former executive editor Bill Keller will be leaving the American media firm to become the editor-in-chief of nonprofit news startup The Marshall Project on March 1.
Apollo raises biggest private equity fund since US financial crisis
New York, US-based firm Apollo Global Management LLC announced on Thursday that it had raised $17.5 billion for the Apollo Investment Fund VIII, the largest private equity fund raised since the financ
Monte Paschi's top shareholder nears deal to sell its 20pct stake as shareholder meeting looms
Fondazione Monte dei Paschi, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena's top shareholder, is reportedly nearing a deal to divest its 20% stake in the Italian bank to three other banking foundations and a group
Singapore invests $500K in Ring.MD to improve health care access in Asia
Singapore's National Research Foundation has poured in $500,000 in funding in health care startup Ring.MD to give Asian residents easier access to healthcare services online.
Report finds developing countries lose nearly $1 trillion to illicit money flows in 2011
Global Financial Integrity, a Washington-based group that tracks illicit financial flows from developing countries, reveals that nearly $1 trillion were lost to illicit transactions in 2011.
SunFarmer to build solar power project in Nepal with SunEdison grant
SunFarmer, a non-profit developer of solar power in impoverished areas, will construct its first solar power project in Nepal using a USD2 million grant from SunEdison Inc. SunFarmer is seeking donati
Wikipedia launched new crowdfunding campaign to raise USD50 million
Wikimedia Foundation Inc., operator of the world's #5 website Wikipedia, on Tuesday began its new crowdfunding campaign. The foundation seeks to raise USD50 million, up from the USD30 million it raise
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